Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious feud with Roy Moore and the rest of the best of late night

Jimmy Kimmel sent his prankster Jake Byrd to a Roy Moore rally earlier this week and apparently the stunt got under the pedophile’s skin, and, because this is 2017, a Twitter war erupted:

Kimmel addressed the situation on his show last night, and the lesson here is do not get into a Twitter fight with a professional comedian becuase you’re gonna lose:

And here is the video of the Roy Moore rally that Jake Byrd crashed. “DOES THAT LOOK LIKE THE FACE OF A MOLESTER?”:

Seth Meyers wasn’t able to film on Wednesday, so he spent last night discussing Matt Lauer’s grossness, and tears him to shreds. (Although, my favorite part of this has nothing to do with Lauer and everything to do with Trump and Christmas.)

Stephen Colbert visited with Melania Trump last night to discuss Christmas, Ivana and how very very very happy she is to be First Lady. So happy. All the happy:

Trevor Noah points out that the Trump effect is real:

James Corden opens with the news that Rex Tillerson is about to be fired:

Stephen Colbert also tackled Rex Tillerson, the shitty tax plan, and Geraldo Gross Rivera.

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