Late night comes for Al Franken and Roy Moore and everything else you missed last night.

Stephen Colbert did not pull any punches with Al Franken in his monologue last night. “There are no good people left.” ~sigh~

Stephen Colbert interviewed Ben Affleck and confronted him not just about his relationship with Harvey Weinstein, but his own inappropriate behavior. Affleck clearly was uncomfortable, tries to be all “I GIVE MONEY TO RAINN, Y’ALL!” but in the end says the correct things:

Seth Meyers takes a closer and unsparing look at sexual harassment in Congress:

Late Night with Seth Meyers also ran an ad for a sleep aid for sex predators:

After taking on Al Franken, Trevor Noah comes for Roy Moore and his dog bite lawyer:

Elf on the Shelf says that 2017 has been a bitch:

James Corden avoided the sexual harassment conversation altogether, choosing instead to make fun of Donald Trump’s weird fixation on the UCLA basketball players:

Jimmy Kimmel imagines Thanksgiving with the Trumps:

And this is an excellent piece from The Rundown with Robin Thede on climate gentrification and how the White Walkers are coming for minorities’ neighborhoods:

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