That wannabe third-rate autocrat Trump is using the Department of Justice to punish CNN and that is REALLY NOT OK.

As you may know, last October AT&T and Time Warner announced they intended to merge, creating a media monster with Warner Bros. studio, CNN, HBO, the Turner networks, AT&T’s wireless business and DirecTV. To complete the merger, AT&T and Time Warner need the Justice Department’s approval — which shouldn’t be difficult to receive, seeing as vertical mergers like this haven’t been denied by the DOJ in 40 plus years.

But then Donald Trump has only been President for one of those years.

According to a report in the Financial Times, the Department of Justice is telling AT&T that for the merger to move forward they have to do one thing: sell CNN.


Look, I am not a fan of media conglomeration for the obvious criticisms: if a very few companies control the majority of our news outlets and media sources, the diversity of voices and perspectives becomes limited. Our culture becomes homogenized; news is sensationalized; and dissent is squashed.

THAT SAID, I think we can all agree that what is happening here, that Trump’s Department of Justice trying to punish CNN for not covering him and his presidency to his liking by twisting CNN’s corporate parents is the very fucking definition of autocratic and terrifying. The DoJ is literally trying to silence Trump’s critics and sending a chilling message to not just other news organizations but their corporate owners. This is some straight-up third world dictator bullshit. Or something you’d see in Russia.

AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson has stated that he has no intention of selling CNN — and boy howdy, all the lawyers need to BE READY if this deal is rejected.

Oh, and hey, Fox News hired Sebastian Gorka, so that’s cool.

Here are Some Really Disappointing Harassment Updates

Holy shit, Jeffrey Tambor, please don’t be true. Louis CK’s reckoning is about to come. And Robert Knepper? Come on.

Ed Westwick, things aren’t looking great for you, dude. Or for you, Jeremy Piven.

Steven Segal: super creep.

And now it’s being alleged that Charlie Sheen raped Corey Haim.

Terry Crews just filed a report against his groper with the LAPD.

Remarkably, Ridley Scott is replacing Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer in All the Money in the World six weeks before its release.

John Bernthal though Kevin Spacey was a “bully” on set.

“Are the Days of Casting Calls in Hotel Rooms Over?” JESUS CHRIST, LET’S HOPE SO.

Other TV News

Well, here’s a batshit insane story about how a Smallville cast member is the second in command of a sex cult.

How the worst election in my lifetime changed television.

The Thirteenth Doctor has some strong Mork from Ork vibes going on here.

robin williams mork from ork.jpg

Stranger Things is the biggest thing on TV right now, surprising no one. And the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul couldn’t be happier about it.

Mark Frost hosted an AMA about Twin Peaks: The Return and he clarified that only one character time traveled. INTERESTING.

The good news is we only have to wait until January 4th for The Good Place to return. The bad news is there will only be five more episodes when it does.

So, wait, Big Little Lies season 2 is a go after all?

Oh dear.



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Casting News


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