Hillary Clinton tells jokes that Seth can’t and the rest of the best of late night

Seth has some VERY specific jokes that he can’t tell:

Seth Meyers also did a deep dive on the Democrats’ big wins on Tuesday night in this “A Closer Look”:

Trevor Noah revels in the karma of Tuesday’s wins:

Stephen Colbert points out that if Trump wants to make everything about him, he owns the losses to Democrats, too.

Jimmy Kimmel is still urging you to sign up for Obamacare Trumpcare:

Having just reported on the god damn boyfriend loophole LAST WEEK, Samantha Bee has some thoughts on politicians’ worthless “thoughts and prayers” after this week’s tragedy here in Texas:

Here are three minutes of Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart doing spit takes.

In honor of the CMAs, here are some Country Music Mean Tweets:

Conan is put to work at legendary soul food restaurant, Sylvia’s:

Just try to not be charmed by James Corden and the Stranger Things kids as a Motown supergroup: 

Samantha Bee introduces you to your new favorite person, New York State Attorney General, and superhero, Eric Schneider-man:

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