Stephen Colbert knows who’s really responsible for the Democrats’ big win yesterday, and the rest of the best of late night

Though he taped this before yesterday’s elections results came in, Stephen Colbert gives early credit to Ed Gillespie’s loss to that dumb dumb-dumb, Donald Dumbdumb Jr.

James Corden agrees with Dumbdumb Jr. — his supporters should vote Wednesday.

Rather than scream into the void on the anniversary of Trump’s win, Jimmy Kimmel suggests that you go sign up for Obamacare Trumpcare. 

Seth Meyers would like you to meet Sam Clovis, the security guard in every sci-fi movie who sees the spaceship and drops his flashlight:

I never tire of Drunk Donald Trump.

Trevor Noah looks into the craziness that is currently happening in Saudi Arabia — and what is happening in Saudi Arabia is straight-up crazy.

Stephen Colbert goes through the Paradise Papers and discovers that U2’s Bono is a part owner in … wait, what?

Jon Stewart tested Conan’s New York City bonafides last night with a NYC Citizenship Test. 


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