Stephen Colbert points out that Ivanka doesn’t word good and the rest of the best of late night

Ivanka Trump clearly has no idea how words work with her “dumb statements in¬†otherwise stupid tweets”:

Lou Dobbs interviewed Donald Trump a couple of days ago, and let’s just say, it was gross.¬†

Seth Meyers also takes a closer look at the slobberfest Fox News gives Donald Trump on a regular basis:

James Corden comes up with a few things faker than the “FAKE NEWS!”

Stephen Colbert also covers the Fox News interview before looking into this Whitefish/Puerto Rico/what-fucking-bullshit-is- this-now brewing scandal.

Meanwhile, Trevor Noah turns our attention to the opioid crisis, because God knows Trump isn’t paying attention to it.

Seth Meyers goes for another round of “Ya Burnt!” and you better look out Late Night writers.



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