Late night tracks down Melania Trump’s body double and everything else you missed last night

Trevor Noah makes a strong case that John Kelly owes Congresswoman Frederica Wilson an apology.

“People don’t realize, but she’s not only a four-term congresswoman. She’s a former educator with a master’s degree. She was a member of the Florida State Legislature. And she also founded the 5,000-people Role Models program. The same program that helped a young man named La David Johnson graduate from Miami public schools to become a celebrated Green Beret. So, she’s not an empty barrel; she’s someone who deserves an apology.”


Stephen Colbert comes for Poppa Bear. Colbert’s relationship with O’Reilly is fascinating, as O’Reilly was the inspiration for Colbert’s breakout success. However, this clip makes it clear that what used to be playful ribbing has turned into outright disgust.

Seth Meyers points out for the one trillionth time that Trump has no idea what he’s talking about:

James Corden and Jimmy Fallon both found Melania Trump’s body double:

A reminder for those in the back row, Trump is a draft dodger:

Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon’s feud continues afoot:

Taran Killam is not backing down from his criticism of Saturday Night Live‘s embrace of Trump.


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