Bun B is organizing a telethon for Hurricane Harvey victims, and Trump is not invited.* In other news, I am in love with Bun B.

Today in your Harvey update: a chemical plant is exploding, Beaumont has no water, tons of Houstonians are still under mandatory evacuation, and my kids won’t go back to school until September 11. Pray for everyone, but mostly my sanity.

Some more places you can donate if you were so inclined:

Bun B, Houston icon and hero, is helping to organize a telethon for Houston which should air on September 12. Not sure where it is going to air — hopefully, like the Katrina telethon, all the networks will join in, but we will stay on top of this story. What we do know is that they’ve got Jamie Foxx, Michael Strahan, Hilary Duff, Blake Shelton, Reese Witherspoon, and possibly Kelly Rowland to host, and they are hoping for Jim Parsons. COME ON, JIM. *Also, Donald Trump is not welcome, unless he is willing to appear along side President Obama and other former presidents. (That will never ever happen.)

Meanwhile, J.J. Watt’s charity has collected over $10 million, in no small part thanks to Ellen and Miley Cyrus.

And Supernatural raised over $225,000. THANK YOU, SPN FAMILY.

And bless every celebrity on this list.

And I never thought I would say this, but thank you, Rita Ora. SEE, DONALD TRUMP?THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT, YOU ASSHOLE.

This is sorta TV news: but the Texans-Cowboys game has been canceled, but the Astros are going to play in Minute Maid this weekend. Oh, and the Texas Rangers CAN SUCK A DICK.

A look at the media that face major repairs after this storm.

In non-Harvey-related news:

Kathy Griffin takes it all back. EAT IT, DONNY.

Here’s the cast of Survivor, which will be Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. Alan Ball, formerly of the Houston Texans, is in the Heroes.

This is a fascinating look into the sound design on Game of Thrones.

The Simpsons just fired their composer after 27 years because they are looking for “a different kind of music.” Seems harsh.

And ABC is going to cut 300 jobs. Yikes.

So apparently, at the end of a recent Rick & Morty episode, “The Writing on Game of Thrones [2011-2016]” appeared on-screen, and Dan Harmon took to Instagram to say it wasn’t him, he loves Game of Thrones, it was some shitty intern at Adult Swim probably, he doesn’t know for sure, STOP YELLING AT HIM!

Law & Order: SVU is going to tackle Nazis and the Charlie Gard case this season.


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Queen of the South: Season finale. 9 p.m., USA

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Gone in 60 Seconds: Nick Cage steals a bunch of cars. Like A BUNCH of cars, though. 8 p.m. ThrillerMax

Late Night: The Daily Show: Reid Hoffman


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