We get a look inside Trump’s “Bullshit Binder” and the rest of the best of late night:

James Corden introduces us to the daily “good news” folder Trump is given twice a day, a.k.a. his “Bullshit Binder”:

Jimmy Kimmel also discusses Trump’s daily folder version of Kellyanne Conway and introduces us to the White House chicken:

Jimmy Fallon gives us a glimpse of the positive cable news Trump is seeing:

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Trump and North Korea’s slap fight, and writes¬†Trump a little limerick:

Jimmy Kimmel has a complaint or two about Trump’s twitter etiquette when tweeting about nuclear war:

Samantha Bee would like to distract you from the terrifying North Korea news to direct your attention towards Trump’s terrifying judicial appointments:

Stephen Colbert catches us up on the Russia probe’s most recent developments, namely that Paul Manafort was paid a friendly middle-of-the-night visit by the FBI:

Hey, Stephen Colbert laid a “mooch trap” and it caught something!

Samantha Bee also explains how Steve Bannon created the alt-right movement among a bunch of gamer bros. It’s upsetting.

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