Trailer Park: ‘The Crown,’ ‘Shameless,’ ‘White Famous,’ ‘SMILF,’ ‘Disjointed,’ ‘Valor,’ and ‘Startup’

Shameless has released a typically foul-mouthed premiere announcement:

Shameless will return on Showtime on November 5. 

Jay Pharoah is starring in Showtime’s new series, White Famous, as an up and coming comedian who has to decide if he’s willing to sell out to become famous. Also, it features Jaime Foxx in a cheerleading skirt. 

White Famous will debut on Showtime on October 15. 

Queen Elizabeth is not having her husband’s bullshit in this new trailer for The Crown.

The Crown returns to Netflix on December 8.

SMILF is Showtime’s new comedy about a single mom who just wants to have a life.

SMILF will debut on Showtime on November 5. 

Disjointed is the new Kathy Bates pot sitcom from Chuck Lorre and it looks like it will be Lorre-broad.

Disjointed premieres on Netflix on August 25.

Here is a new promo for The CW’s military drama, Valor. It debuts in the fall. 

Adrian Brody wants to create his own internet in this trailer for the second season of Startup. So, Startup is like Silicon Valley but not at all funny? (Also, this is quite a cast.)

Startup’s second season begins on September 28 on Crackle. 

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