Leslie Jones is the literally only person I would tolerate talking through an episode of ‘Game of Thrones’

Honestly, the very best thing you’ll see all week: Leslie Jones and Seth Meyers watch the most recent episode of Game of Thrones together in only the second episode of “Game of Jones.” HOW IS THIS NOT A WEEKLY FEATURE? I swear to God, Seth Meyers, if you don’t make this a weekly bit for the final season, I will … do something. I don’t know what yet. BUT IT WILL BE SOMETHING.

And here are a bunch of contextless pictures from Sunday’s upcoming episode. Cersei’s looking sad. Has she heard some bad news, maybe?


FX had their turn at the TCAs yesterday

The head of FX is John Landgraf, and he’s the guy who coined the phrase, “Peak TV.” He’s still out there claiming that this boom in programming is unmanageable, while at the same time announcing that FX will create its own streaming service so that FX’s catalogue “be available to all viewers at all times.”

The panel was frustratingly vague about American Horror Story: Cult, obviously. The most we got out of them was that the season will be about the “paranoia” we experienced (and are experiencing) following the election. We do know that Sarah Paulson’s character will be married to Alison Pill’s character. (Despite them trying to be coy about it.) Also, there will be “an exciting trip to a grocery store.”

Pamela Adlon and Louis C.K. discussed “the surge in male shittiness” in their Better Things panel. In other news, Better Things is not going to address Frankie’s gender identity this season.

Fargo has not yet been renewed for a fourth season mostly because Noah Hawley is busy with Legion. This makes me tense.

And don’t hold your breath for anymore Louie anytime soon.

However, despite the reshoot of the pilot of The Sons of Anarchy spinoff, Mayans MC, and all of the cast shakeup, FX seems confident it will be picked up to series.

Ryan Murphy addressed the criticism from Versace’s lover of the upcoming The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story: “When you’re doing a show like this you’re not doing a documentary, you’re doing a docu-drama. There are certain things you take liberty with.” He also explained that the series is not really about why or how Versace was killed, but the fact that his killer murdered five other people, and was not stopped because of police homophobia.

The reports of American Crime Story: Katrina‘s death are greatly exaggerated. (Maybe.)

Meanwhile, Vanity Fair is reading Netflix picking up the Coen Brother’s new series (see below) and making the announcement yesterday while FX was holding their TCAs as a “fuck you” to FX.

Y’all: Stephen Colbert is going to have The Mooch on his show on Monday.

Alia Shawkat talks about season five of Arrested Development, and she promises there will be more Bluth togetherness this season. Also, Maeby will be in a lot of disguises? So, is she working with Gene Parmesan this season?

Here is a very spoilery post detailing Negan and Lucille’s back story which may make an appearance on The Walking Dead this season. And who would Scott Gimple like to write such an episode? Damon Lindelof, obviously.

The Real Housewives of New York City reunion will explore the cracks in Luann’s marriage next week. How could they not? You don’t get divorced after seven months without there being some huge fucking cracks.

Some episodes of Power have leaked online, and, hilariously, the leaker managed to reveal his own face in the leak.

NBC is killing their SVOD channel, Seeso. R.I.P. thing I never watched.

People are pissed about Disney’s breakup with Netflix.

And in final FX-adjacent news, O.J. Simpson’s Bronco is going to be on Pawn Stars.

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Weekend Update: Summer Edition: There’s so much news these days, SNL had to do a summer show. Series premiere. 8 p.m., NBC

The Babadook: Somehow the Babadook became a gay icon? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 9 p.m., Showtime 2

Late Night: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Anthony Anderson, Terry Gross, Kesha Late Night with Seth Meyers: Howie Mandel, Sen. Tammy Duckworth, Aaron Schatz, Venzella Joy The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Millie Bobby Brown, Jim Jefferies, Zeshan B The Late Late Show with James Corden: Aubrey Plaza, Jeremy Renner, Chris O’Dowd, Russ Jimmy Kimmel Live: John Lithgow, Jay Baruchel, Diana Krall Conan: Bryan Cranston, Aimee Mann Watch What Happens Live: Kate Beckinsale, Jeff Bridges

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