Late night tries to find the funny side of nuclear escalation with North Korea. Ha?

Stephen Colbert just wants to be able to finish The Handmaid’s Tale and not have to worry about a nuclear holocaust, please. Stephen Colbert, he’s just like us!

Jimmy Kimmel pleads with Trump to go back to golfing before he kills all of us.

Jimmy Kimmel asks how many Americans even know where North Korea is? The answer is not reassuring.

Conan assures us that Trump’s “fire and fury” is an empty threat:

Seth Meyers makes fun of Kim Jong Un’s haircut, as if that’s hard.

James Corden points out that Trump had a couple of firsts yesterday: he’s the first President to declassify information via Twitter, and he tweeted something true:

Jimmy Fallon doesn’t want to bring everyone down and decides instead of talking too much about nuclear warfare, to focus on Trump’s weirdo advisor Gorka instead:


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