Stephen Colbert gives us our first glimpse into the room where the pee pee tape was made and the rest of the best of late night

Stephen Colbert rented the Ritz Carlton Presidential suite where the alleged pee pee tape was made and gives us a quick tour in this web extra. However, he’s saving the room where the action happened — the bedroom — for his show.

Stephen Colbert meets some Russians, and discovers they have no idea who he is:

Jimmy Fallon takes a look at the pros and the cons of Trump’s first six months in office. The downside of this clip is that you have to look at that picture of Trump playing tennis again.

Seth Meyers does a deep dive on the nightmare that the Environmental Protection Agency has become under the cynical stewardship of Scott Pruitt:

Trevor Noah reminds us that nobody knew health care could be so complicated in the wake of the Republicans blowing up their own health care bill:

Bonus: Because we all miss Luther, Obama’s anger translator:


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