Trailer Park: ‘Outlander,’ ‘American Horror Story,’ ‘Difficult People,’ ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ ‘Atypical,’ and ‘Better Things’

Outlander has released its first trailer for season three, and there are so many wigs.

Outlander returns to Starz on September 10.

We have our first American Horror Story promo — from FX Latino.

American Horror Story will return to FX in September, apparently.

All of these Bachelor in Paradise fans who were DEVASTATED when it looked like the series might be cancelled need to look hard at their lives. 

Bachelor in Paradise will be back to ruin my summer on August 14th.

Oh my God, watch this Difficult People trailer if only for the Mike Pence gay conversion kit.

Difficult People returns on Hulu on August 8, marking my calendar RIGHT NOW.

Atypical is a new Netflix series about a kid with autism that I can get behind unlike an upcoming ABC medical drama that looks schlocky and manipulative that shall remain nameless.

Atypical will begin streaming on Netflix on August 11.

And here’s a teaser for Better Things that I couldn’t embed. COME ON, BETTER THINGS OR WORDPRESS, SOMEONE DO BETTER.

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