Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers have some thoughts about this whole Trump/Mika mess in the best of this week’s late night

Stephen Colbert reminds us that Trump’s disgusting tweets aren’t what is wrong with American politics, they’re what is wrong with Donald J. Trump:

In a break from his usual “A Closer Look,” Seth Meyers does a deep dive on a topic that is buried beneath all the other headlines: the return of private prisons in “The Check In.” 

Jon Oliver is here to school you on why you have to vaccinate your kids and I can not believe we are still having to school people on why you have to vaccinate your kids, Jesus, what is wrong with us.

Samantha Bee interviewed Elizabeth Warren who persists on being optimistic despite everything. Also, she’s a huge fan of Ballers. Yes, Ballers.

Because all the other shows are on vacation, here are some bonus clips from shows that bothered to air this week:

Mostly this week was about healthcare — well, healthcare, Time Magazine and Mika Brzezinski’s “facelift.”

Seth Meyers thinks that the whole Time Magazine story is the “funniest thing ever.”

And as far as the whole Mika thing goes, Seth Meyers wonders if Trump is off his meds:

Stephen Colbert went to Russia, in case you somehow missed that:

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