Trailer Park: ‘Marvel’s Inhumans,’ ‘Insecure,’ ‘Rick & Morty,’ and ‘Death Note’

We finally have a full-length trailer for ABC’s Marvel’s Inhumans series. It features Ramsay Bolton doing a not-great American accent and a lot of questionable hair choices.

Marvel’s Inhumans will debut on ABC on September 29, with a special sneak preview in IMAX theaters on September 1.

Issa puts on her big girl panties in the trailer for the second season of Insecure.

Insecure returns on HBO on July 23. Hey! That’s soon! Hooray!

Rick & Morty season three promises to be the “darkest” of their adventures yet. It involves a pickle.

Rick & Morty returns on Adult Swim on July 30.

Speaking of dark, I present Death Note and Christopher Walken as an unleashed god of death. 

Death Note begins streaming on Netflix on August 25.

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