Now that you’ve watched the ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer 300 times, we need to talk about it.

As the entire universe knows by now, the Game of Thrones trailer was released yesterday and it was ZOMGSOGOOD. Watchers on the Wall does a great breakdown of the trailer, shot-by-shot, which you should go read. But I wanted to pull out some of the most intriguing shots in the trailer:

The trailer begins with Cersei detailing all of the Lannisters’ enemies.

To the east (Daenerys, obvs):

GOT trailer east

To the west (Greyjoys):

GOT trailer west

To the south (possibly a spear, so perhaps the Sunspear, which is the seat of Dorne)

GOT trailer south

To the north (Arya, curiously enough, and not Jon or Sansa):

GOT Trailer north

Here’s Daenerys returning to her ancestral home, Dragonstone:

GOT trailer Dany Dragonstone

And who needs the Iron Throne when you have a throne as fabulous as this:

GOT trailer dragonstone throne

It looks to be the season of killing some god damned Lannisters:

GOT trailer Unsullied LannisterGOT Trailer Lannisters getting murderedGOT trailer Dothraki Lannisters

And this appears to be what’s left of Jorah:

GOT trailer Jorah

Wildlings, Jon and Tormund are running away from something not good:

wildings on the run got.gif

GOT trailer North RUN AWAY

There’s a fiery battle on a boat, which maybe Theon is a part of? And is it Theon falling into the sea during this battle, along with someone else?

GOT boat fight trailerGOT trailer theon sparksGOT trailer splash


There are some interesting sexytimes happening, with Grey Worm and Missandei …

GOT trailer grey worm

… and Yara and Ellaria?

GOT trailer Yara Ellaria

And then there is this scene with Jon Snow in the crypt looking HELLA PISSED:

GOT trailer Jon crypt

It’s Littlefinger he’s shoving around. Could it be that Jon just learned something interesting about someone entombed in the crypt, like Ned’s sister, Lyanna?

GOT trailer littlefinger



Meanwhile, I refuse to believe that Jon Snow has a small penis.

George R.R. Martin just said this about Trump: “Joffrey is now the king in America. And he’s grown up just as petulant and irrational as he was when he was thirteen in the books.”

Speaking of Game of Thrones, Ryan Murphy is teasing Billie Lourd in the upcoming season of American Horror Story with “Winter is coming.”


Some guy just won $31,500 on Plinko on the Price is Right.

I know you’ve been wondering how to make those beet and acorn cookies on The Walking Dead. Wonder no longer.

Update on the Sean Hannity situation:, Peloton, Leesa Sleep, Casper, Ring and Crowne Plaza Hotels have pulled their advertising from Hannity. And, in a total coincidence, Sean Hannity is going on a vacation. Fox News insists he will be returning and that naysayers will “look foolish.”

Meanwhile, Fox News’ legal problems keep stacking up:

Three more employees are suing for discrimination. And over in a harassment lawsuit, Fox News asked for sanctions against Andrea Tantaros’ lawyer, describing Tantaros’ accusations “like the plot of a television drama.” In response, her lawyer has accused Fox News of spying on his client and listening in on privileged conversations.

Mike Huckabee’s former Fox News series, Huckabee, is moving to Christian broadcaster, TBN.

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  • The Get Down is going down. Netflix has cancelled the period drama after only two seasons. Baz Luhrmann wrote a letter to his fans on Facebook:

Casting News




Red Nose Day: The cast of the worst holiday movie ever, Love, Actually, reunite. 9 p.m., NBC

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3 thoughts on “Now that you’ve watched the ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer 300 times, we need to talk about it.

  1. So Supernatural has dropped several popular cast members – regular and recurring. That’s the kind of move a show makes to trim costs and try to hold on for another season or two. But I thought they had another two already guaranteed. Any idea what’s up?

    1. That’s a really good question. I wonder if they felt like they had to kill Crowley off to give the story some real consequences. For instance, I suspect Castiel is not for reals dead, but they figured the only way they could bring him back would be to kill someone else. And it gave Crowley, who has always been a complicated character, something of a hero’s death. But I honestly don’t know. I’ll ask Whit if she’s heard anything.


      1. Sadly, no scoop from me. I didn’t think Crowley was really dead – until Mark Sheppard got salty with Jim Michaels on twitter. Although my reading was that Mark was more annoyed about Jim teasing fans than he was upset about being killed off. He’ll be at the Creation SPN convention in Phoenix in June and I’m sure he’ll be asked about it and won’t be shy about answering.

        You do raise an interesting point about trimming the budget. Mark Pedowitz, the head of The CW, has pretty much said he’ll keep renewing the show as long as it keeps pulling decent numbers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a blank check as far as budget. Could also be that Andrew Dabb wanted to pare down the cast in order to bring on new characters and tell new stories. I’m still holding out hope for SuperSliders!

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