The crazy out of the White House is happening so fast, Late Night can barely keep up

Poor late night writers. They spend all day writing the opening monologues for their shows only to have some catastrophe inevitably break right at 5 p.m. just as their host is about to take the stage. Last week it was the Comey firing, this week the extraordinary news that our President, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, just gave away highly classified information to the Russians. Just gave it away! The hosts manage to wedge the Russian story in there, but I expect they’ll do a deeper dive tonight. That is unless at 5 p.m. today Trump nukes North Korea or fires the entire Department of Justice or pantses Paul Ryan on the floor of Congress. We’ll see.

Seth Meyers can’t believe how blatant Trump is with this bullshit, calling him “Shameless Nixon”:

Stephen Colbert brings us good news/bad news: “The bad news: The Washington Post reports that Donald Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador. O.K.? The good news: Trump found the leaker.”

Late Show with Stephen Colbert opened with some “Real News”:

The Daily Show reminds us that there was once a time we wanted Trump to pay attention to intel briefings:

Drunk Donald Trump is never not funny, right Jerry?

And if you haven’t seen Last Week Tonight‘s in-depth story about the dialysis business and the life and death stakes involved, it’s worth it if only for the Three Musketeers hilarity.

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