Trailer Park: ‘Ghosted,’ ‘The Orville,’ ‘LA to Vegas,’ ‘Preacher,’ ‘The Resident,’ ‘The Defiant Ones,’ ‘Life of Kylie’ and bonus ‘This is Us’ crytime

Ghosted is Fox’s new paranormal comedy starring Craig Robinson and Adam Scott it looks to be banking on its stars’ charm and likability.

Ghosted will air on Sunday nights on Fox.

The Orville is Seth MacFarlane’s new space comedy which looks an awful lot like Galaxy Quest plus pee jokes. It also — and I shudder to give MacFarlane any credit — doesn’t look terrible.

The Orville will air Thursday nights on Fox in the fall.

The Resident is Fox’s new medical drama that has lines like, “medicine isn’t practiced by saints,” and “go on, be a doctor or do something else,” and seems to contain an untenable amount of malpractice. 

The Resident will air in the midseason on Fox.

LA to Vegas makes a lot of jokes about inebriated airplane pilots. Which, come to think of it, The Orville made a similar joke, so maybe that was the trick to getting picked up by Fox this season?

LA to Vegas is a midseason sitcom that will air on Fox.

Oh look, it’s a new Preacher teaser trailer and there’s a terrifying dog guy. 

Preacher will return to AMC on June 25.

The Defiant Ones is a HBO documentary about Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. 

The Defiant Ones will debut on HBO on Sunday, July 9.

Hey, there’s another Kardashian series headed your way. 

Life of Kylie will premiere on E! on Thursday, July 6

This is Us is back to make you cry, even without currently being broadcast.

This is Us will air on Thursday nights on NBC this fall.


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