Watch Elmo learn that “F” is for “fired” thanks to Trump’s brutal budget cuts.

This will surprise you guys, but Donald Trump hates PBS.

Among many other devastating cuts, Donald Trump’s brutal budget would eliminate all funding to The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The cuts will hit rural PBS affiliates (and Trump voters) the hardest, and in fact, the cuts threaten the only television station in one region of Tennessee — a literal lifeline for some residents who do not have enough money to pay for cable.

 In this dark video, Sesame Street‘s Elmo learns that he and his friends have been fired by Trump: 

Stephen Colbert returns to take on the Trump budget and is the hero we need now.

“Donald, the ratings are in, and you got swamped! Now you’re in the 30s. But, what do you expect? I mean, to take away after-school programs for children and Meals on Wheels for the poor people? That’s not what you call making America Great Again. Come on. I mean, who is advising you?” The Trump-Schwarzenegger beef will never be squashed. Long live the Trump-Schwarzenegger beef.

In other political TV news:

Soooooo… Trump claims that he was wire tapped by President Obama in a series of unhinged tweets, as I’m sure you remember. Then, when everyone is like, “Uh, no, that definitely did not happen,” Judge Andrew Napolitano went on Fox News and claimed that Obama actually had British intelligence tap Trump. Then Sean Spicer repeated this claim in a press briefing, and the British intelligence agency was like, “TALLYHO, WHAT’S THIS? CRUMPETS AND TEA, THIS MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT HAPPEN.” Then Trump was asked about all of this, and he was all, “Go talk to Fox News.” And then Fox News had to be all, We never said that British intelligence spied on Trump for Obama, some random guy said that.” And now Judge Andrew Napolitano has been disinvited from Fox News indefinitely. Good job sparking an international incident over nonsense, everybody!

Meanwhile, this Fox News anchor thinks that Snoop Dogg should be killed over his controversial music video. Coooooool.

Tonka Lozenge has been suspended from The Blaze because she dared to say on The View that she is pro-choice.  On the one hand, I loathe Tuna Looper, but on the other, does she have no right to her own opinions on certain issues? I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO LOOK RIGHT NOW.

Ivanka Trump is being sued by rival clothing companies over Kellyanne Conway BREAKING THE DAMN LAW by pushing her clothing line on Fox News.

Dear Tim Allen, 

Fuck you.


Decent People Who Understand that Being a Conservative is NOTHING LIKE being a Jew in 1930s Germany You Fucking Insensitive Tool.

Here’s Alec Baldwin teaching a kid how to do his Trump impersonation:

Meanwhile, Trump would like to remind you that the “Alec Baldwin situation is not good.” LOL OK

More late night takes

In his discussion of the Comey hearing, Seth Meyers compares Hillary Clinton to Arya Stark and he is not wrong.

In one of the most surreal moments of this Presidency so far — which is saying A LOT — Trump live-tweeted and LIED during the Comey hearing, and Comey had to refute it during the same hearing. IS THIS REAL LIFE?

Jimmy Kimmel seems to almost feel sorry for Sean Spicer. (But fuck that guy. Seriously.)

If only Trump’s behavior could be explained away because he was drunk and NOT A COMPLETE SOCIOPATH.

James Corden presents “Donald: The Musical”:

In Other TV News

John Oliver asked you to just add zebras, and you complied.

Dave Chappelle says that watching Key & Peele “hurt [his] feelings,” and yeah, but, dude, you’re the one who walked away from Comedy Central, so …

The Carmichael Show is going to use the word “nigger” some six times in one episode because “‘n-word is childish” according to Jerrod Carmichael. I know of at least one group who will be clutching their pearls about this.

The Parents Television Council is worried that Saturday Night Live might drop F bombs during their primetime airings, and while that’s unlikely, it’s not impossible.

Speaking of Saturday Night Live, this timelapse video of Kate McKinnon changing from Jeff Sessions into a blobfish mermaid in under four minutes is a reminder that the real talents at SNL are the crew:

Y’all, in anticipation of the reboot, Netflix has added 20 classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes including Manos: The Hands of Fate and Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.

Hey, now you can make your favorite Bob’s Burgers burgers:

Our sympathies are with Modern Family star Rico Rodriguez, who lost his father recently.


In Development


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