John Cena is brawny and brainy on an uneven ‘Saturday Night Live’

Saturday Night Live
John Cena & Maren Morris
December 10, 2016

Having an athlete host Saturday Night Live is something of a crap shoot. Some athletes are naturally charismatic and funny, like Charles Barkley and the Manning brothers, but for the most part, these are not people who have much in the way of comic timing or acting abilities.

But you know who have both of those skills in spades? Professional wrestlers. And professional wrestler John Cena is an undeniably charming individual with clearly a good sense of humor about himself. The only real surprise about his hosting of SNL is that it took this long to happen. Unfortunately for John Cena and his comedy talents, he was underserved by the writing on an uneven episode of Saturday Night Live last night.

Some sketches played on Cena’s physique and athleticism hilariously, others felt like half-good ideas gone wrong. One political sketch was one of the best they’ve done all season, another was a complete waste of time. It was just all over the place. Maybe when Cena returns — and hopefully he will return — the writing will be as strong as his weirdly giant muscles.

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