Well, hello there!

We’re Foolish Watcher, and we want to be your new favorite TV blog. Here you’ll find TV recaps, TV news, rambling theories, tons of gifs and hopefully an interesting conversation about some of your favorite shows. We’re glad you’re here!

Question: What shows are you going to cover?

Answer: Right now it looks like we’ll be writing about some of your reality favorites, including The Real Housewives and the Bachelor franchises, Supernatural, The Walking Dead shows, and Game of Thrones, among others. Have a favorite series? Let us know and we’ll consider adding it to our roster.

Question: What do you know about TV?

Answer: We wrote about it for the Houston Chronicle’s TV blog, Tubular, for about 10 years, if that counts.

Question: What’s with the name?

Answer: Well, it’s a funny story. We were watching Roadies recently (a show that we can’t actually recommend), where the only thing  we took away from the episode was that  Donald Glover came up with his rap nom de plume, Childish Gambino, by putting his name into a Wu-Tang Nickname Generator. Intrigued, we did the same and “Foolish Watcher” is what the Wu -Tang suggested we call ourselves. We don’t argue with the Wu-Tang.

konichiwa bitches wutang dave chappelle

Question: What’s in it for me?

Answer: Hopefully a good time, and maybe every once in a while something to think about. We hope you stick around to find out!

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