Olympics: Finally, a good night


Franck Fife : AFP/Getty

Golden girls.

WOW. After hitting rock bottom watching the games on Monday, I had so much good news on Tuesday.

ButterQueen Shawn Johnson FINALLY got the gold medal I’d been hoping she would receive this whole time. ShawnJohn took the top spot in beam individual competition. Her teammate and all-around gold medalist Nastia Liukin won the silver. Way to go, girls!

But they weren’t the only winners tonight. Houston’s own Jonathan Horton earned the silver medal after doing what I can only describe as the most awesome high-bar routine I have ever, ever seen. It was seriously awesome.

You know who else makes me smile? Mary Carillo. Her pointless package tonight focused on *drumroll* KITES! And not just any kites, but kites with octopi on them! Except, in China, they apparently battle kites flown on string made of broken glass and glue. That’s hardcore. American kites are to Chinese battle kites as hockey is to Rollerball. Just saying.

So that covers two of my favorite things about the Olympics (hard-fought victories and silly, silly pre-taped packages), but what about the hunks? I’M SO GLAD YOU ASKED. Tonight I learned a very valuable lesson: Divers are probably the hottest Olympic athletes out there. Maybe it’s just because they wear skimpier outfits.


Greg Wood : AFP/Getty

Meet my new boyfriend, Canadian diver Alexandre Despatie.

Which event do you think has the most attractive athletes?

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