Comic-Con took over the universe this weekend. Here are all — and I mean all — the trailers you want to see.

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‘American Gods’: Take a Chance on Me

American Gods
“Git Gone”
May 21, 2017

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‘American Gods’: I will give you the moon

American Gods
“Head Full of Snow”
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‘American Gods’: If I had a hammer

American Gods
“The Secret of Spoons”
May 7, 2013

Short Version

After being saved by an anonymous hero, Shadow Moon gets patched up and demands to know what the actual hell is going on, but Mr. Wednesday remains maddeningly vague. Shadow packs up his wife’s house and he and Wednesday hit the road. On a stop at Target or a Target equivalent, Shadow is propositioned by Lucille Ball to come work for her. He politely declines. He and Mr. Wednesday head to Chicago where they have dinner with Czernobog and the Zorya Sisters, where Mr. Wednesday tries to convince a reluctant Czernobog to come to a meeting. Instead, Czernobog challenges Shadow to a game of checkers: if Shadow wins, he’ll attend the meeting, if Czernobog wins, he gets to bash Shadow’s head in with a hammer. Either way, Shadow does not seem to get very much out of this particular wager. Shadow loses, again, and you’d think he’d have learned his lesson about making bets with supernatural beings by now.

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‘American Gods’: It’s your lucky day

American Gods
“The Bone Orchard”
April 30, 2017

Short version:

After his wife dies unexpectedly, a taciturn Shadow Moon is released from prison early and accepts a job with mysterious Mr. Wednesday. Shadow gets into a fight with a tall leprechaun and wins from him a magical coin. Shadow goes to his wife’s funeral where he learns she was having an affair with his best friend, who is also now dead. Shadow is then kidnapped by some weird kid who might be the internet, let’s call him Technology Boy, who wants to know a bunch of stuff about Mr. Wednesday, but Shadow’s like, IDK LOL. Technology Boy has his faceless thugs hang Shadow Moon, but before Shadow actually dies, the thugs are slaughtered by some mystery assailant. Also, this one goddess, Bilquis, has sex with a guy and devours him with her vagina.

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