Trevor Noah is sick of politics, and yeah, no doubt, who isn’t?

Here’s A BUNCH OF TV News

Pay your taxes, kids.

As for what will happen to the Chrisleys’ TV empire? WHO KNOWS. The networks aren’t talking. New episodes of Chrisley Knows Best had been filmed for season 10, and as of now, they are expected to air in 2023. As for the other spinoffs … unclear.

In his first long interview since announcing he would be leaving The Daily Show, Trevor Noah opens up about the decision, explaining that he believes it’s healthy to have things end while they’re still in a good place. Also, he’s sick of politics, and who could possibly blame him? He also sat down and talked to each of his correspondents to warn them about what a grind the job is, in the event they are chosen to replace him. December 8th will be his last day to host the show.

We have the behind-the-scenes story of Disney replacing Bob Chapek with former CEO Bob Iger, and yeah — while it felt out-of-the-blue to outsiders and insiders alike, apparently, there had been talk on the Disney board of ousting Chapek as far back as June. The final straw came when Chapek announced layoffs and cost-cutting, leaving a number of high-level employees blindsided. And apparently the firing was brutal: they basically called him and told him he was out and their lawyers would be in touch with his lawyers, and hung up. Ouch.

Thanksgiving is in two days, so you still have time to make these TV chefs’ recipes.

A U.S. sports reporter was detained at the World Cup for wearing a rainbow shirt, so everything is going great.

Zomg, Benson is going to tell Stabler how she feels — but don’t get excited for any kissing, that’s not happening.

Chuck Lorre wrote a script called Sex, Drugs And A Sitcom. Three guesses as to what it was about.

Lol, what?

If watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is not enough for you, Jerry Seinfeld is now turning the series into a coffee table book. ~insert Kramer’s coffee table book about coffee tables here~

We have a Dancing with the Stars winner, and a Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions winner.

Hey, Hulu is offering a deal for new or returning subscribers for $2 a month for one year. It’s the ad-supported tier, but still! $2 is a decent deal!

CNN’s programming chief, Michael Bass is leaving, which is hardly a surprise considering the direction Chris Licht is taking the network.

The TCAs will return in person in January, but neither Fox, CBS, nor The CW will attend. Sooooo … just ABC and NBC, then? Hmm.

I had managed somehow to forget that two years ago comedian Sinbad suffered a pair of devastating strokes. He’s recovering, albeit slowly.

And Jay Leno is going to be OK. He was released from the hospital yesterday.

Get better soon, Blythe Danner.


Congress has passed the Speak Out Act, a law that would limit employers’ ability to use NDAs to silence victims of sexual harassment. GOOD.

WELL, THIS IS MESSY. The American Music Awards canceled a planned Chris Brown tribute to Michael Jackson which, YIKES, but also, HOW DID IT GET THAT FAR? Who on earth saw the words “Chris Brown” and “Michael Jackson” together and said, “Yep, solid idea. Everyone will love this.” But then the AMAs went ahead and awarded Brown a Favorite Male R&B Artist trophy, which Kelly Rowland accepted on his behalf, praising the girlfriend beater in the process. When the crowd booed, she snapped at them to “chill out.” GROSS, KELLY. ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Kevin Spacey has been charged with seven more sexual offenses in the U.K.

After only three days, the Danny Masterson jury claimed they were deadlocked, but the judge was like, “NOPE. Go home for Thanksgiving and then come back and do your damn job.”

Andy Dick received a 90-day prison sentence for sexual battery after assaulting an Uber driver. He also has to register as a sex offender, which is only surprising that he hasn’t been forced to do so already.

A woman has filed a police report alleging that singer Trey Songz assaulted her in New York.

Quentin Tarantino explains looking the other way in regard to Harvey Weinstein’s behavior, and admits that he marginalized the incidents he knew about.

Marilyn Manson says the sexual abuse allegations against him have hurt his career. So sad.

Brooke Shields says her interview with Barbara Walters when she was 15 was inappropriate and made her uncomfortable at the time.

A bunch of prominent feminist organizations and activists have written a letter supporting Amber Heard, which great! And very necessary! And maybe could have happened a few months ago when she was going through some awful shit!


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Mark Your Calendars

  • White Noise will premiere on Netflix on December 30.
  • Kaleidoscope debuts on Netflix on January 1.
  • Doom Patrol returns on HBO Max on December 8.
  • Back in the Groove will premiere on Hulu on December 5.
  • Reno 911!: It’s a Wonderful Heist debuts on Roku on December 3.
  • The Wheel will premiere on NBC on December 19.
  • The Game will return on Paramount+ on December 15.
  • My Southern Family Christmas will debut on Hallmark Channel on November 24.
  • Unveiled: Surviving La Luz Del Mundo will premiere on HBO Max on December 6.
  • I Am a Killer returns on Netflix on December 21.
  • How to Ruin Christmas: The Baby Shower will premiere on Netflix on December 9.
  • Shahmaran will premiere on Netflix on January 20.
  • Rubble & Crew will debut on Nickelodeon on February 3.
  • Masterpiece has released a sizzle reel of their winter and spring releases.


Gray Frederickson, Oscar-winning producer of The Godfather and Apocalypse Now among many others

Mickey Kuhn, Child actor who appeared in Gone with the Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire

John Dartigue, Warner Brothers executive

Jean-Marie Straub, French filmmaker

James Winburn, Stunt double for Michael Meyers in Halloween


Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would: On the eve of his departure from The Daily Show, Trevor Noah helms this stand-up special. Premiere. Netflix

Our Universe: Morgan Freeman narrates this documentary series that explores the story of our universe over billions of years. Premiere. Netflix

Bachelor in Paradise: Season finale.  7 p.m., ABC

New Amsterdam: Two-hour fall finale. 8 p.m., NBC

Good Night, Oppy: This documentary tells the remarkable story of The Opportunity, the NASA rover who went to Mars for a 90-day mission and managed to survive for 15 years. Prime Video

Late Night:

  • Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Michael Strahan, F. Murray Abraham, Cole Swindell
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers: Kumail Nanjiani, Matt Rogers, a performance by the cast of “Titanique”, Bryan Carter
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Cate Blanchett, Paul Dano, Holly Humberstone
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Kristen Bell; David Shrigley; Noah Kahan

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