It sounds like Dave Chappelle bamboozled ‘SNL’ with a fake monologue at the rehearsal

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H’oh boy. According to Page Six, Dave Chappelle performed a completely different monologue during the SNL dress rehearsal. According to someone who was in the audience for the dress rehearsal, the original monologue was mostly about Chris Rock and how he was tackled on stage at the Hollywood Bowl. He also made a joke about the writers’ boycott, something along the lines of: “The news was reporting some writers boycotting, when it actually was one writer using they/them pronouns.“ This suggests that Chappelle knew SNL would not approve of his antisemitic monologue, so he faked them out until it was time to go live. I am guessing trans SNL writer Celeste Yim is feeling pretty vindicated right about now.

All of the love for Christina Applegate.

Candace Cameron Bure explains that she moved from Hallmark Channel to Great American Family because Hallmark was making an LBGTQ holiday film, and Great American Family is a network run by Christians who will not feature The Gays. Your periodic reminder that Candace Cameron Bure is a hateful fundamentalist nutter whose brother is Kirk Cameron.

Yellowstone had a big premiere on Sunday, bringing in 12.1 million viewers.

This “Who Said It: Elon Musk or Mr. Burns” quiz is harder than you think.

Disney+ has restored the original Splash cut that shows Darryl Hannah’s butt. Kinda. I just watched a side-by-side comparison of the edited version Disney+ had been streaming and the original version, and y’all … there’s virtually no difference.

Fake Democrat — or, technically I should say “former Democrat” — Tulsi Gabbard has joined Fox News as a paid consultant in the least surprising news of the day.

Megan Thee Stallion had to get a restraining order against her label so that she could perform in the AMAs on Sunday. LEAVE MEGAN THEE STALLION ALONE, Y’ALL. HOW DARE YOU.

If you watched Last Week Tonight with John Oliver this week, you know that his main segment was on the United Kingdom’s royalty, and he was worried that the segment would be censored in the U.K. by Sky. The follow-up to this story is that Sky ran the segment in its entirety, and did not use the footage of Winston Churchill on a waterslide.

The White Lotus is so good this season, you guys.

Yeah, using girlfriend-murderer Brian Laundrie and his suicide as a Jeopardy! clue is gross. And while it’s not the worst part, the fact that the question was “What are alligators?” is just … THERE WERE SO MANY OTHER WAYS TO GET TO THAT QUESTION, YO.

In happier Jeopardy! news, the city of Philadelphia is giving their Jeopardy! champ ride, Ryan Long, a float in their Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Pete Davidson has turned his BDE towards Emily Ratajkowski, and Dionne Warwick remains undefeated on Twitter:

Feel better soon, Whoopi Goldberg.

Sending love to Roberta Flack on the news that she has been diagnosed with ALS. It’s a vicious disease, and my heart goes out to her and her family.


Warren Beatty has been sued for allegedly coercing a teenage girl into having sex with him in 1973. I’m not saying that he’s guilty, I’m just saying that all the pieces to this story one hundred percent checked out. If anything, it’s shocking that it took this long for Beatty to be brought up in the #MeToo movement.

Paul Haggis has lost his rape trial and has been ordered to pay his accuser $10 million.

Scrubs Executive Producer Eric Weinberg, who has been accused of raping multiple women, his predatory behavior spanned decades and was well-known and ignored by many, according to this new Hollywood Reporter investigation. Weinberg was fired halfway through season five of Scrubs for “egregiously misogynistic and inappropriate behavior in writers rooms and on sets” but was soon hired by other shows. “Thanks to his credit on the hit series and a boys’-club network of comedy writers that continued to hire him, Weinberg worked in the business for another 10 years. Despite subsequent complaints and firings, he was staffed again and again — even after a 2014 arrest for rape.”

As for why he was fired from Scrubs, that’s … unclear.

There is no dispute among many sources that Weinberg was fired from Scrubs, but the exact cause has been muddled — perhaps deliberately in light of the subsequent revelations about his alleged crimes. It seems there were a number of red flags regarding conduct that went beyond tasteless jokes and hostility to women. A writer recalls Lawrence having “a serious conversation” with “all of us” where he explained that the dismissal was due partly to an incident involving a specific episode that aired in early 2005, “My Life in Four Cameras.” For this episode, models were hired as background players. According to this account, one model appeared in a shot filmed in the morning but left without completing her work. When an assistant director told her she had to stay or the entire sequence would have to be redone, costing the studio a lot of money, she responded that she could do as she pleased because Weinberg had been harassing her and requesting nude photos. In this version of the story, Lawrence reported the conduct to Disney HR and was told to dismiss Weinberg immediately. But that alleged incident occurred two years before Weinberg was fired from Scrubs in 2006. If a model reported Weinberg’s behavior, as Lawrence told some colleagues, it appears that no disciplinary action was taken. A spokesperson for Lawrence now denies the model story ever happened.

Several individuals who worked on Scrubs remember hearing another story that circulated at the time about the reason for Weinberg’s departure. In the basement of the building where Scrubs was shot, there was a workout room. According to these individuals, Weinberg was alleged to have behaved inappropriately toward an extra there, which led to a complaint and an HR inquiry. Disney declined to comment. Lawrence’s spokesperson says that if this incident occurred, it never came to the attention of the creative team.

“Bill fired Weinberg 16 years ago after learning that Weinberg had referenced his position on Scrubs while inappropriately propositioning a woman off set,” says Lawrence’s spokesperson. “Bill requested Disney’s permission to terminate Weinberg even though his actions were not on set.”

Whatever led to the dismissal, Weinberg moved on to other writing jobs at outlets, including a pilot at the Disney Channel. (Disney is the parent company of what was then Touchstone Television, the studio that produced Scrubs.)

The entire piece is well worth your time, exposing just how complicit Hollywood was until the #MeToo movement came along.

Meanwhile, CBS still employs the executive who is tied to the LAPD leaks about Les Moonves.

In the first season of Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney’s character, Cassie, is the victim of a nude photo leak, and Sweeney recently revealed that people took screenshots of those images and spread them online, tagging her family members. So basically, horrible people subjected Sweeney to the exact same thing Cassie had to endure. WHY ARE PEOPLE?

Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams has been accused of making sexually explicit and derogatory comments about contestants to his fellow judges.

Let’s not use rape as a joke, guys. I mean, do what you want, I guess, but don’t be surprised when people are deeply offended.

I do hope Anthony Rapp can find some peace after his court loss to Kevin Spacey.

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