In which John Oliver eviscerates your beloved ‘Law & Order’ as copaganda (and he’s not wrong).


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Here’s A BUNCH OF TV News

Hi hi hi. So yesterday was The Emmys — despite me believing they were still a week away — and that is obviously dominating TV news today. I am so far behind on both The Bachelorette and House of the Dragon that I simply do not have the time to do a “Not!Blog” of what happened last night (not that anyone is clamoring for one). That said, I hope to pull together a post on how well — or poorly — I guessed the winners which should also highlight some of the more interesting moments of the night (not that there were all that many).

Meanwhile, the TV Foolishness Tournament continues! We are getting down to the bitter end now. Today we narrow down the Final Four to the Final Two, so please go vote.

And just a quick note about the Tournament: I am going to be traveling tomorrow morning, so the final day of the Tournament voting will begin Thursday morning, and we will announce a winner on Friday. Are you excited? I’m excited!

Somewhat related to the Emmys: But look for an announcement later this week that the Golden Globes will, in fact, return to NBC in January. Unnecessary, but sure.

John Oliver had some thoughts on Sunday about the copaganda that is the Law & Order franchises:

Jennifer Lawrence has some feelings about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Erika in particular, calling her “evil.” Brian Tyree Henry, who is also, somewhat surprisingly, a fan knows better than to be dragged into this mess. Smart man.

Brian Baumgartner, “Kevin” from The Office, reveals all the secrets you could ever want to know about the chili scene:

Wheel of Fortune revealed the new board on yesterday’s season premiere episode and people had feelings about it. How? HOW?


I will never understand the troglodytes who watch and enjoy The Boys but somehow completely miss the anti-fascist and anti-misogynist themes and messages of the show, and walk away from it believing that Homelander is the good guy. The actress who plays Starlight, Erin Moriarty, like all of the actresses on the show, has endured all sorts of abuse online from “fans.” Last week, she posted an article entitled #IStandWithStarlight?: The betrayal of Erin Moriarty by The Boys ‘fans’, and added a note about how she does feel silenced and dehumanized.

Her entire message:

I do feel silenced. I do feel dehumanized. I do feel paralyzed. I’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into this role (over & over & over again), I’ve grown UP in this character’s shoes (*emphasis on grown up – we change & evolve mentally AND physically). So with that I say: a) thank you to @butcherscanary b) this does break my heart – I’ve opened up a vein for this role and misogynistic trolling is exactly what this role (Annie) would speak out against and c) everyone’s going through their own battle(s); let’s not add to that. I will never intentionally (and ESPECIALLY) publicly add to yours. This has only strengthened my empathy muscle and to anyone who comes at me: I see you, I don’t hate you, I only empathize and forgive.

And I would link her Instagram post, except it’s been taken down, so I suspect I know how the “fans” reacted.

Showrunner Eric Kripke has Moriarty’s — and the entire cast’s — back:

EAT A BAG OF DICKS AND FUCK OFF TO THE SUN, MISOGYNISTS. Kripke is the best. I could not have said it more clearly myself.

Ricky Martin filed a $20 million lawsuit against the nephew who made allegations against him for attempting to “assassinate” his reputation. Days later, new allegations were filed in Puerto Rico against Martin. Though the person who filed it is unknown, the AP is reporting that it is the nephew.

A man who stalked, harassed, and threatened actress Eva LaRue and her daughter for 12 years, was sentenced to three years in prison. GOOD.

Former RHOC Housewife Meghan King has taken out a restraining order against her ex-husband and former MLB player Jim Edmonds.

Noel Clarke has dropped his lawsuit against BAFTA.

Mystikal is in huge trouble. He could face life in prison for first-degree rape and domestic abuse.

Aries Spears has taken a different tack from Tiffany Haddish in relation to the lawsuit against them and claims that it’s a shakedown.

If you think the title of Jeannette McCurdy’s memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died, is harsh, you should read this email her mother sent her.

I’ll grant you, it’s hard to feel too terribly for someone who is making $25 million for one project. If you pay me $25 million for anything, I’m going to be happy and probably keep my trap shut. All that said, this is some sexist bullshit.


  • Rap Sh!t has been renewed for a second season on HBO Max.

In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • Abbott Elementary returns on ABC on September 22.
  • The Law & Order crossover will take place on NBC on September 22.
  • Patton Oswalt: We All Scream will debut on Netflix on September 20.
  • The Lincoln Project will premiere on Showtime on October 7.
  • 11 Minutes will debut on Paramount+ on September 27.
  • Wanna premieres on Netflix on September 21.
  • Entergalactic will debut on Netflix on September 30.
  • exception premieres on Netflix on October 13.
  • My Little Pony: Make Your Mark returns on Netflix on September 26.


Jack Ging, Actor in more than 50 TV shows and films, including The A-Team and Mannix

Jean-Luc Godard, Legendary French director

Elias Theodorou, MMA fighter

Ramsey Lewis, Grammy-winning jazz musician

Rakim Hasheem Allen aka “PnB”, Rapper


The Handmaid’s Tale: Gilead’s influence creeps into Canada in the fifth season premiere. Hulu

Academy of Country Music Honors: Carly Pearce hosts. Presenters and performers include Kelsea Ballerini, Dierks Bentley, the Warren Brothers, Brooks and Dunn, Dan + Shay, Jordan Davis, ERNEST, Jesse Frasure, Vince Gill, Ashley Gorley, Mickey Guyton, HARDY, Wynonna Judd, Avril Lavigne, Little Big Town, Morgan Wallen, and Lainey Wilson.  7 p.m., Fox

The Come Up: This new unscripted show follows six young people as they follow their dreams to make art in New York City. Series premiere. 8 p.m., Freeform

Late Night:

  • Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Serena Williams, Justin Long, Ellie Goulding
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers: Rosie O’Donnell, Kevin Smith, Megan Giddings, Rick Smith
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Robert De Niro, Ethan Hawke, St. Vincent
  • The Late Late Show with James Corden: Rosie O’Donnell, Kevin Smith, Megan Giddings
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Elisabeth Moss, Diego Luna, Kane Brown
  • Watch What Happens Live: Austen Kroll, Craig Conover

TUES. 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30
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Celebrity Family Feud
FBI: International
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CW Leonardo
FOX Academy of Country Music Honors
NBC America’s Got Talent

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  1. 1) I don’t know about “clamoring” but I enjoy your Emmys recap. especially your take on the winners/losers.

    2) How anyone can think Homelander is the good guy is beyond me. They’re either clueless or sick, and I’m not sure which is more disturbing. (Eric Kripke is so eloquent!)

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