Amy Schumer received multiple death threats over an innocuous Oscars joke because that’s who we are, apparently.

Look at these sweet doofuses who just want to be friends:

They want to be friends with the cat so badly. Cat pretends not to like them. from aww

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Have you binged Old Enough on Netflix yet? You will. Oh, you will.

The Peabody nominations have come out, and I was surprised to find that there are two titles in the “Entertainment” section that I didn’t immediately recognize.

I just finished The Gilded Age, which was an amusing diversion, but not something in this glut of TV we are all drowning in that I would urge people to seek out to the exclusion of many other, better shows. That said, if you did watch, this piece on the show’s “Marian problem” is insightful, and doesn’t just criticize, it actually offers a clever solution.

I don’t know why this story about the psychological and physical abuse on America’s Next Top Model is newsworthy — we all watched it happen on our screens in real time, y’all.

Amy Schumer did a dumb bit during the Oscars where she pretended she thought Kirsten Dunst was a seat-filler, shoved her out of her chair, and then started talking to Dunst’s husband Jesse Plemmons. Obviously, Schumer knew exactly who Dunst is, and more obviously Dunst was in on the whole bit. But that didn’t stop Schumer from receiving serious death threats. Everyone has got to CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

If Selena Gomez is nominated for an Emmy for Only Murders in the Building, she will only be the third Latina to have received the honor in 78 years. And if she wins, she’ll only be the second Latina to do so.

Where are my Love is Blind fans at? (Don’t worry, no one can see you raising your hand.) Some potentially good news: it sounds like the two nicest people in season two, Deepti and Kyle, might be dating.

Gross, Pat. I mean, this is a (relatively) harmless joke, but boy, I sure wish Grandpa wouldn’t.

The internet is a wild place. Back in the 90s, Sears made this air conditioning commercial.

Thirty years later, it’s reimagined by this acting genius:


  • From has been renewed for a second season on Epix.

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  • RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars will return on Paramount+ on May 20. And it will be all winners this season. Awesome.
  • Made for Love will return on HBO Max on April 28.
  • Grace and Frankie returns on Netflix on April 29.
  • Heartstopper will premiere on Netflix on April 22.
  • Bullsh*t The Gameshow will debut on Netflix on April 27.
  • Yakamoz S-245 will premiere on Netflix on April 20.
  • Bosch: Legacy will debut on Freevee on May 6.


Michel Bouquet, Legendary French actor

Cedric McMillan, Bodybuilding star


Outer Range: Yellowstone, but make it paranormal. Series premiere. Prime Video

Roar: Nicole Kidman, Issa Rae, Merritt Weaver, Cynthia Ervio star in this female-centric anthology series. Apple TV+

Killing It: Craig Robinson stars in this new comedy as a man who resorts to hunting snakes in his quest to achieve the American dream. Peacock

Superstar: Patrick Swayze: HOUSTON REPRESENT. 9 p.m., ABC

The Garcias: A San Antonio family gathers together in their Mexican beach house in this reimagining of The Brothers Garcia. Premiere. HBO Max

Not So Pretty: Keke Palmer investigates the dark side of the trillion-dollar beauty industry. Premiere. HBO Max

Late Night:

  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Hugh Laurie, Spoon
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Van Ness, Stromae
  • The Daily Show: Rosie Perez
  • Watch What Happens Live: Molly Shannon, Craig Robinson
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