‘Ozark,’ ‘Single Drunk Female,’ ‘Billions,’ and everything else you don’t want to miss on TV this week



How I Met Your Father: Hillary Duff leads this gender-swapped version of How I Met Your Mother. Series premiere. Hulu

Becoming: Michelle Obama in Conversation: Yara Shahidi moderates a fireside chat with the former first lady. 6 p.m., BET and BET Her

4400: The government figures out their first move in the mid-season premiere. 8 p.m., The CW


Back to the Future marathon: I recently saw THE DeLorean at the Los Angeles car museum (the same one that fell into the sinkhole on La Brea) and y’all, I was legit starstruck.  2 p.m., TNT

Reopening: The Broadway Revival: A look behind-the-scenes as Broadway returns after the longest shutdown in history. (Except … maybe they shouldn’t have been counting those chickens just yet.) 8 p.m., PBS


Too Hot to Handle: Sexy singles have to give up the sex to win the grand prize. Season three. Netflix

Heavenly Bites: A love letter to Mexican snacks and street foods. Netflix

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: NO REASON, KRYSTEN SINEMA. 7 p.m., TCM


Single Drunk Female: A 20-something fresh out of rehab moves back in with her mother in this new comedy. Series premiere. 9 p.m., Freeform

Supernatural Academy: A set of twins raised in two different worlds are set to be reunited at the Supernatural Academy in this new animated series based on the best-selling book series. Premiere. Peacock

Servant: Season premiere. Apple TV+

Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock: The Fraggles are back! Series premiere. Apple TV+

La Fortuna: Stanley Tucci stars as a treasure hunter in this Spanish series about an effort to recover an underseas shipwreck. Series premiere. AMC+


Ozark: Fourth and final season. Netflix

Munich – The Edge of War: George McKay, Jannis Niewöhner, and Jeremy Irons star in this World War II thriller that is receiving glowing reviews. Netflix

The Matrix marathon: Matrix Resurrection leaves HBO Max on January 22, so this is your chance to rewatch all three original movies before diving into the fourth before it leaves streaming.  7 p.m., Syfy


Saturday Night Live: Will Forte and Måneskin. 10:30 p.m., NBC

Nobody: Bob Odenkirk stars in this action-thriller about a man everyone assumes is a mild-mannered nobody until one night when his house is broken into, awakening his long-simmering rage.  7 p.m., HBO

Austin City Limits: Duran Duran performs and my inner 12-year-old is positively shrieking. 11:47 p.m.


Billions: Prince wonders if he wants to keep any of his team in the sixth season premiere. 8 p.m., Showtime

Midsommar: Be shitty to your girlfriend, get into the bear suit. 8 p.m., Showtime 2

L.A. Confidential: Police brutality has been an issue for a minute. 7 p.m., The Movie Channel


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