How about that ‘Mare of Easttown’ reveal?

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Happy Memorial Day from Fox News:

Today also marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Tulsa Race Massacre, when mobs of angry white Tulsans burned to the ground the successful Black Greenwood neighborhood, and killed countless (literally — we still have no idea how many people were killed) citizens. Damon Lindelof’s HBO series Watchmen was inspired heavily by this event and depicted those terrible two days. Steven G. Norfleet, the Watchmen actor who played the father of Louis Gosset Jr’s character Will Reeves, and the great-grandfather of Regina King’s Angela Abar, wrote this essay about the massacre that is worth reading in its entirety:

Being completely transparent, writing this column as we approach the centennial of the horrors of May 31 and June 1, 1921 in Oklahoma leaves me with a bittersweet feeling.

The sweetness comes from gratitude knowing that what started off as another acting job has led to helping increase the knowledge of our true American history for millions around the world. The bitterness is being reminded that this is our American history. That this is the history of Black people and unfortunately, history continues to repeat itself. We should not have to commemorate the death of over 300 Black people who were killed simply for being Black and successful. We should be visiting a still-standing Black Wall Street where our Black ancestors created opportunities for themselves, and generations to come kept the Greenwood neighborhood thriving.

The horror of the Tulsa Race Massacre is dramatized in the very first episode of Watchmen, “It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice,” available on HBO Max.

I don’t know how many of you were as obsessed with Mare of Easttown as I was — but there had to be a few of you out there because so many people tried to stream it at once, it shut HBO Max down for a bit:

Anyway, if you were able to watch Mare last night, then you certainly have some feelings about that twisty ending. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO SAY THIS, BUT DO NOT CLICK ON ANY OF THESE IF YOU HAVE NOT YET WATCHED, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

Here, showrunner Brad Ingelsby discusses the ending, when he knew who the killer would be, the red herrings, and how he was trying to honor the women he grew up around. Vanity Fair’s Joanna Robinson shows how the real killer’s identity was not a trick — the show suggested it all along. Uproxx ranks the twists in the series finale. And you know who guessed correctly who the killer was? Stephen King.

My own comment on it I will spoiler font for those who have yet to watch. Scroll over to read: While I understand some of the complaints about the show’s overuse of red herrings, the actual killer reveal was earned, as Robinson pointed out in her Vanity Fair piece. I just wanted to note the interesting balance the series sets up with Mare and her basketball teammates: when the series begins, her former teammate Dawn is furious with her for not doing enough to recover her missing daughter. Mare does eventually find and rescue Dawn’s daughter, Katie, only to be the person responsible for taking away her best friend Lori’s child. I know that the series is ultimately about maternal love and loss and grief, and Lori and Dawn’s grief is reflected back in the loss of Mare’s own son, but it also sort of feels like there is some sort of balancing act going on, a universal ledger that is being kept in check. Dawn may get her Katie back, but it comes at a cost of Lori losing her Ryan. (And literally so: had Ryan not killed Erin, Mare would have never looked into the man who abducted Katie and Missy, and rescued them.) JUST MY TWO CENTS.

As for a season two? Kate Winslet would be up for it.

Joe Biden has put funding back for PBS back into the federal budget because he’s not a literal goddamn monster who is looking to kill Cookie Monster.

Simon Cowell pulled out of a taping of X Factor Israel because of the escalating violence over there (though he didn’t admit it).

Piers Morgan claims he’s in talks to return to Good Morning Britain. Y’all, don’t.

Matt LeBlanc has apparently turned into everyone’s Irish uncle? Sure. Why the hell not?


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