The My Pillow guy launched a social media site yesterday and it was a hilarious disaster

It’s a TOOOOOOSDay and this is a very bad cat:

Seriously, if Hannibal and Will had kissed in the finale of Hannibal, it would have been the single least sexually charged thing that happened between them on that show.

You’re not crazy: commercials are playing louder than the programming — which they are not legally allowed to do — and the FCC is looking into it.

Investigation Discovery’s In Pursuit with John Walsh helped catch a convicted murderer.

Wait, is Tom Bergeron being brought back to Dancing with the Stars? Tyra isn’t going anywhere, so I guess they’ll be co-hosts?

Tig Notaro knows you think she’s sexy AF. (And you’re not wrong.)

If you want to live in the Karate Kid’s mansion, you can for $2.65 million.

Vanity Fair is trying to make us feel bad about watching The Real Housewives, and I am not here for it.

Speaking of, here are the upcoming taglines for The Real Housewives of New York City.

The launch of the My Pillow guy’s social media site is going just great.


A couple of weeks ago, powerful producer Scott Rudin was exposed in a Hollywood Reporter as being a violent, unhinged monster by those who have worked for him. He smashed a computer monitor on an assistant’s hand, he threw a potato at another assistant (and then ordered the assistant to get him another potato), he fired one assistant for not dropping out of college so as to work for him full-time, he fired another assistant because she had to exercise from 5:30-6 a.m. to control her diabetes, and he would strip producing credits from people’s IMDB pages if they quit or upset him. It’s a lot! And I didn’t originally include it in this section because it wasn’t about using his power to sexually abuse people. I’ve since decided that abuse is abuse and so here we are. Anyway, Rudin has since announced that he will be “stepping back” from his film, streaming, and Broadway projects, as if that is punishment enough for his terror and abuse.

Gianna Hammer, a former contestant on Are You the One?, has accused a fellow contestant of drugging and assaulting her, and the producers pressuring her to allow them to keep him on, arguing that “it would be a lot to send him back.” MTV has paused production on the season currently filming to investigate.

A petition has been launched asking that Netflix cancel Colton Underwood’s upcoming series. “Cassie [Underwood’s ex-girlfriend] is a victim of Colton’s abuse, and he does not deserve a platform in any way,” the petition reads. “Regardless of his sexuality, Colton should not be given a platform as a result of his abusive, manipulative, and dangerous behavior.”

Jake Paul is denying the sexual assault allegations against him, pointing out that he has …  a mother? Gross.

Pete Davidson called Jake Paul out on the story to his face and later called Paul a “piece of shit,” and yo, he’s not wrong.

Chet Hanks’s ex-girlfriend for abusing her and … wait … I know this isn’t the biggest part of this story, but Chet Hanks lives in SUGAR LAND, TX? The hell?

Cecil Ray Baker, a contestant on this season of American Idol (but who has already been eliminated) has been arrested for burglary and was accused of abusing his girlfriend.

The sexual assault case has been dropped against Conor McGregor.

Mariel Hemingway says Manhattan could never come out today. No? Why not? Because it’s gross and romanticizes statutory rape?

Going Viral

We have a real problem with vaccine hesitancy in this country. Republican pollster Frank Luntz did another focus group with conservatives who are reluctant to receive the vaccine, and unlike the focus group he did five weeks ago, this group was unmoved by the information they learned from experts and doctors. It looks like we have a floor of about 30% of the population who is just going to refuse to be vaccinated, leaving us more vulnerable and stretching out the length of time we have to deal with this virus. And the sad irony is that the more we sound the alarm about this group refusing the vaccine, the more it entrenches them into their position. The one person who could actually help with the situation refuses to, frustrating his own former administration members who are irritated that he continues to take credit for the vaccine, but won’t help with vaccinations.

NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes gets it. Now if he would drop the whole “personal choice” bullshit, we’d be all good.

Oh does COVID-denier and general shitbird Ted Nugent how have COVID? What a pity.

In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • Ted Lasso returns on Apple TV+ on July 23.
  • The Upshaws will debut on Netflix on May 12.
  • The Crime of the Century premieres on HBO on May 10.
  • Adventure Time: Distant Lands will return on HBO Max on May 20.
  • Saint Maud will premiere on Amazon on May 13.
  • Death and Nightingales will premiere on Starz on May 16.
  • Exposure debuts on Hulu on April 26.
  • Money, Explained will stream on Netflix beginning on May 11.
  • Deliciousness will return on MTV on April 26.
  • Whitstable Pearl premieres on Acorn TV on May 24.
  • Ferry will debut on Netflix on May 14.
  • Maradona: Blessed Dream will stream on Amazon soon.
  • Solos will premiere on Amazon on May 21.
  • Too Close will begin streaming on AMC+ on May 20.
  • Annette will debut on Amazon in the summer.
  • Bel Canto will stream on Crackle on May 1.



Anthony Powell, Oscar-winning costume designer

Mike Santangelo, Fox News “zipper” writer

Mike Mitchell, Guitarist for The Kingsmen

Jim Steinman, Composer of “Bat Out of Hell” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart” among others

Walter Mondale, Former Vice-President


Cruel Summer: A popular teen goes missing, and, in a seemingly unrelated set of events, an awkward shy girl becomes the most popular girl in town and eventually the most hated person in America. Two-hour series premiere. 8 p.m., Freeform

Queen Sugar: Series finale. 7 p.m., OWN

Chopped 420: Four chefs compete to create pot-infused dishes in this new cooking competition. Premiere. Discovery+

Late Night:

  • Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Jane Fonda, Robin Thede
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers: Hank Azaria, Brandi Carlile, Dulcé Sloan, Emmanuelle Caplette
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Cher, Bradley Whitford
  • The Late Late Show with James Corden: Angela Bassett, KSI featuring Yungblud & Polo G
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Ellen DeGeneres, Billie Joe Armstrong, Jimmie Allen, Brad Paisley
  • The Daily Show: The Daily Social Distancing Show
  • Watch What Happens Live: Chrissy Teigen
  • A Little Late with Lily Singh: Abdullah Saeed

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