‘Big Sky,’ ‘Prodigal Son,’ ‘The Circle,’ ‘Mare of Easttown,’ and everything else you don’t want to miss on TV this week


Pray, Obey, Kill: This five-part documentary chronicles a complex murder case that took place in a small Swedish village, home to a tight-knit Pentecostal congregation. Premiere. 8/9 p.m., HBO

All American: Spencer is forced to deal with some difficult truths in the spring premiere. 7/8 p.m., The CW

America’s Most Wanted: Criminals rejoice: America’s Most Wanted is airing its season finale, and you won’t be put on blast — at least until it returns. Season finale. 8/9 p.m., Fox


The Resident: So, I don’t watch The Resident, all I know is that it is a medical drama. So imagine my confusion upon reading this line in the description of the spring premiere: “Upon hearing surprising news from Princess Nadine, Devon contemplates the future of his love life.” The hell? Spring premiere. 7/8 p.m., Fox

Big Sky:  In the two-hour spring premiere, Cassie and Jenny have officially teamed up, and that lunatic Ronald is still on the loose. 8/9 p.m., ABC

Prodigal Son: Because Prodigal Son isn’t campy enough, now we’re adding Alan Cumming to the mix. Spring premiere. 8/9 p.m., Fox

Our Towns: James and Deborah Fallows tell the story of 8 American towns to explore the American experience as we are living it right now in this new hopefully documentary. Premiere. 8/9 p.m., HBO

My Love: Six elderly couples from around the world tell the story of their enduring love in this sweet documentary. Premiere. Netflix


The Circle: The “social experiment” reality competition is back — but only the first four episodes, so sadly, no binging. Premiere. Netflix

Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me!: Jamie Foxx stars in this new sitcom based on his own relationship with his daughter. Series premiere. Netflix

Why Did You Kill Me?: A family uses MySpace to track down the killers of their 24-year-old daughter, blurring the lines between justice and revenge in this new true-crime documentary. Premiere. Netflix

Michael Phelps: Medals, Memories & More: This three-part series documents each race of the record-breaking swimmer’s Olympic career. Premiere. Peacock


Mythic Quest: The Mythic Quest crew returns to the offices after quarantine in this standalone episode ahead of the second season premiere. Apple TV+

Wahl Street: A six-part documentary about the life and businesses of Mark Wahlberg which seems like six episodes too many but OK. Premiere. HBO Max

The Banishing: This new horror film is based on the true story of England’s most haunted house. Premiere. Shudder

Younger: The first four episodes of the final season debut on Paramount+ ahead of its Freeform premiere. Paramount+

Frank of Ireland: Brian Gleeson stars as Frank, a 32-year-old mess who is convinced the world owes him in this new comedy. Premiere. Amazon

The Year the Earth Changed: This special documents the way nature changed during the global lockdown, how small changes in human behavior had an impact on the world around us. Premiere.  Apple TV+


Big Shot: John Stamos stars as a hotheaded NCAA basketball coach who is ousted from his job and forced to coach a girls’ high school team in what I am almost CERTAIN is the Matt LeBlanc sitcom from the underappreciated Showtime series, Episodes. Premiere. Disney+

Van Helsing: Jack hunts for the “Dark One” in the 5th season premiere. 9/10 p.m., Syfy

Why Are You Like This?: Three best friends navigate 20-something life in Melbourne in this raunchy comedy. Premiere. Netflix


The Godfather, Parts I & II and The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone: It’s another Godfather marathon, but this time, Godfather, Part III is replaced by its re-edited sibling, “The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone.” 6/7 p.m., Showtime

Ghost Brothers: Lights Out: You know how I feel about a dumb ghost show — this series which follows the only Black paranormal investigators with their own show is one of my favorites, and one of the only reasons I’ve been tempted to subscribe to Discovery+. Premiere. Discovery+

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: When we saw this in the theater, an entire row in front of us got up and left during the incredibly violent conclusion and what I’m saying is, Quentin Tarantino is not for everyone, proceed accordingly.  8:55/9:55 p.m., Starz


Mare of Easttown: Kate Winslet is Mare Sheehan, a detective in a small town who investigates a murder while her own personal life crumbles. Premiere. 9/10 p.m., HBO

Roll Up Your Sleeves: This special featuring Former First Lady Michelle Obama, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Dr. Fauci, Matthew McConaughey, and others aims to educate and encourage people to go get the COVID vaccine.  6/7 p.m., NBC

The 56th Academy of Country Music Awards: Keith Urban and Mickey Guyton host. 7/8 p.m., CBS

Couples Therapy: Dr. Orna Guralnik is back, trying to help couples deal with their shit. Season premiere. 9/10 p.m., Showtime

Godfather of Harlem: Bumpy aims to reunite his family in Harlem after three months in hiding from the Italians in the season premiere. 8/9 p.m., Epix

Confronting a Serial Killer: A look at the prolific serial killer Sam Little and the systemic injustices that allowed him to kill for so long. Premiere. 8/9 p.m., Starz



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