President Sociopathy abandoned thousands of his supporters in the freezing cold last night

It is Wednesday. It is six days until Election Day.

Today I am this frog. SOUND ON.

Political Crap


Thousands of President Doesn’t Give a Shit’s supporters in Omaha were stranded in freezing temperatures for hours, miles from their cars after his rally last night because the campaign didn’t provide enough transportation. Several attendees had to be hospitalized for hypothermia.


Did I mention that hospitalizations in Nebraska from COVID have gone up 41% in the past two weeks, and deaths have gone up 105%? GOOD CHOICES ALL AROUND, GUYS. GREAT CHOICES.

And I’m just going to leave this amazing comment from his Wisconsin rally right here:

Well, to add to that, I’m going to include this article about the women who have been radicalized by this asshole, in no small part thanks to comments like that.

Elsewhere, bots tried to interfere with Nickelodeon’s “Kid’s Vote,” because 2020. (Joe Biden won, by the way.)

Meanwhile, another President Welfare Queen is charging the American taxpayer to drink water at his own resort story and another President In Putin’s Pocket sure has a lot of mysterious foreign debt story has come out in the past 24 hours. But these stories aren’t going to change anyone’s minds. Everyone knows he’s a traitorous crook, everyone knows he’s milking the U.S. Treasury for his own gain, and you’re either seething with rage about it, or you’re LOLing at how it “triggers the libs.”

So instead, today I’m going to point out three other unrelated stories that are less about the gross lazy compromised slob who currently occupies the White House, and more about how his administration is lousy with dangerous ideologues who hate science and who have already done untold damage on our country. We can not afford four more years of this:

1. The chief scientist of NOAA, Craig McLean, was removed from his post after he “sent some of the new political appointees a message that asked them to acknowledge the agency’s scientific integrity policy, which prohibits manipulating research or presenting ideologically driven findings.” YEP! The head scientist at NOAA asked the other scientists to follow the agency’s own scientific integrity policy and got his ass fired for it. JUST CHEW ON THAT FOR A MOMENT.

2. This Twitter thread:

3. And you’re going to think I got this headline from The Onion, but I assure you I did not: “White House science office says Trump ended COVID-19 pandemic as US hits record cases.”

According to a press release intended to highlight the administration’s science accomplishments, the Trump administration said it “has taken decisive actions to engage scientists and health professionals in academia, industry, and government to understand, treat, and defeat the disease.”


And I could go on a whole rant about how for generations the religious right has been eroding Americans’ trust in science and our educational system in general as some sort of bulwark against facts that might run contrary to their belief systems because their faith is so fragile, so insecure that it has to be literal instead of figurative and as a result, we have a President who is destroying our democracy and hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead of a pandemic that could be mitigated by just wearing a piece of cloth over their mouth and noses and not eating in indoor restaurants, but I won’t because you don’t need any more shrillness in your world right now.

Just … please … for fuck’s sake … vote.

Going Viral

Yesterday, over one thousand Americans died of COVID-19. Hospitalizations are up 46% from last month. More than 500,000 new cases were announced in the past week. One in four people is testing positive in Newark, New Jersey. We are on a terrifying path, guys.

Meanwhile, this little bitch over here:

California and the theme parks continue their beef.

Machu Picchu is reopening after a seven-month closure. Cases in South America, including Peru, are spiking.

During last night’s World Series, in the eighth inning, Los Angeles Dodger

Khloe Kardashian apparently had COVID earlier this year. This story only makes this assholery somehow even more galling:

Couples Therapy: The COVID Special will air on Showtime on December 13.

Beginning today, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is bringing a live audience back to the studio.

All Other TV News

Will this be the final season of Grey’s Anatomy? POSSIBLY.

FASCINATING: Mikhail Gorbachev believes that Dallas is what killed the Soviet Union. I HOPE SO.

This is an interesting article about the upcoming German Netflix series, Barbarians, which aims to take back the Battle of Teutoburg Forest from the right-wing jackasses that have used the battle as a Nazi rallying point.

Keith Raniere just got 120 years in prison for racketeering, sex trafficking, sexual exploitation of a child, and human trafficking. Adios, motherfucker.

Zak Bagans is selling his Charles Manson murder house if you’ve got $2.2 million laying around.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City are coming: here are their taglines.

This isn’t a piece about TV, but I found this conversation with two actual witches about the movie The Witch to be illuminating:

Having the protagonist be a young woman on the cusp of sexuality weaves in the association of women with diabolism, which we most famously see in the Bible with the story of Eve. An adolescent girl’s “magic” is really her newfound sexual power—an unruly force that she has to learn to control, lest it bring ruin upon her and those around her. It’s a central tenet of Puritanism, and it’s why Katherine sees Thomasin as an agent of the devil.

The fact that Kate and William want to farm out Thomasin, to go work for another family as a servant, reminded me that nearly all the young women accused of witchcraft at Salem—some of whom later became accusers—were indentured servants. They were of childbearing age but had no marriage prospects, which made things sexually tense, which sometimes resulted in accusations of witchcraft. The dangerous power that’s unleashed by burgeoning female sexuality shows up again and again in cinema. Just think of Carrie (1976).

Chrissy Teigen wrote a beautiful, heartbreaking, honest essay about the loss of her third child, and the decision to make everything so public. You should read it.


In Development

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  • The White Tiger will debut on Netflix on January 22.


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