In which ‘Watchmen’ blows my mind one last time.


The Lube Guy scene in Watchmen — you know, the one where Angela chases a guy in a silver suit until he covers himself in some sort of liquid before sliding feet first into a storm drain — y’all, that was a PRACTICAL STUNT. IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

From an interview with Regina King:

“It was wild. It was wild just to see the guy do it. I was like, ‘Yo, that’s bananas!’” King enthused. “And it was cold as shit that day. So he’s out there in that polyurethane, whatever it was that he had on, and he did that, and that was amazing. … They built that little drain so that he can slide in it. But yes, that was an actual stunt.”

lube guy watchmen

Nope. My brain rejects this.

You get one guess: What was the most-watched primetime network series of the decade? I will tell you, it’s not what I thought it was.

The Walking Dead stuntman lawsuit has concluded: The family of the stuntman was awarded $8.6 million, but AMC was not found negligent. I don’t know how to square those two things, and my house lawyer isn’t here for me to ask, so.

SAG-AFTRA, which was already investigating Freemantle over the whole America’s Got Talent mess, is now adding Orlando Jones’ firing to their investigation.

This is more of a sports story, but it is related to the story above because Dwayne Wade is Gabrielle Union’s husband. ANYWAY, he was on a podcast recently where he was asked about being from the hyper-masculine world of the NBA and raising a gay son. What he had to say made me cry it was so beautiful. He’s a good man, married to a good woman, raising some good kids.

WAIT … AGAIN … The Americans was inspired by a true story? HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS? ~mind continues to be blown~

Pat Sajak opened up about his recent medical emergency and surgery, and noted that Vanna White was nervous about hosting. Aw! She did a great job!

New York State just passed a landmark diversity law that provides tax incentives to productions that hire women and people of color for writing and directing jobs. GOOD.

Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo and her husband were arrested on drug and gun charges, which is just really surprising for someone on a show called “Mob Wives.”

And this isn’t TV-related, but since my mind has already been blown twice now, what’s one more time? Here’s the year’s best optical illusion (literally):

Time’s Up

CBS, man.

First: another 60 Minutes employee, associate producer Cassandra Vinograd, is suing CBS for retaliating against her when she went to HR after her boss sent her an inappropriate photograph. COME ON, CBS.

Second: The Survivor finale was earlier this week, and during the reunion, contestant Kellee Kim confronted host and producer Jeff Probst about how the show mishandled her allegations against fellow contestant Dan Spilo.

“I think one of the things that has been the hardest was the fact that Dan remained in the game even after I spoke up,” Kim said. “And the reason why is not necessarily the injustice, it’s because I felt that I spoke up, and I was not being supported or believed.”

“To not be supported or believed is really the hardest thing,” she continued.

Probst, to his credit, admitted that by just giving Spilo a warning and keeping him on the show, they made a mistake: “Your voice should have been enough,” Probst said. “And it will be next time.”

CBS and Survivor announced changes to the show and its rules: “A new rule will be implemented stating unwelcome physical contact, sexual harassment and impermissible biases cannot be brought into the competition and will not be permitted as part of gameplay.” Additionally, there will be an on-site producer to handle the reporting and handling of any reported incident.

As for Dan Spilo, he gave an apology to Kim and others via People Magazine:

“I am deeply sorry for how my actions affected Kellee during the taping of this season of Survivor,” Spilo writes in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE. “After apologizing at the tribal council when I first learned that Kellee still felt uncomfortable, I want to make sure I do so again, clearly and unambiguously.”

“I truly regret that anyone was made to feel uncomfortable by my behavior,” Spilo continues. “In my life, I have always tried to treat others with decency, integrity and kindness. I can only hope that my actions in the future can help me to make amends and show me to be the kind of father, husband, colleague and friend that I always aim to be.”

We now know why Ruth Wilson left The Affair, and it’s exactly what you thought: she was pressured to do nude scenes she wasn’t comfortable with, she found some of the rapey scenes excessive, and one of the directors who was the worst offender was the primary character in a story that involves him trying to get Lena Dunham to convince Wilson to “show her t–s, or at least some vag[ina]” and a photograph of a naked man’s genitalia. The Hollywood Reporter has the whole story here, and it is a DOOZY. It’s really worth the read. Team Ruth Wilson.

Oh, hey, another woman, Kaja Sokola, a former model, has filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein, for an incident that took place when she was 16 years old. Jesus.

Charlize Theron says that she was sexually harassed by a “very famous director” early in her career, and that she told journalists his name, but none of them ran it in their stories. She says giving up his name now will only overshadow Bombshell, the movie she’s promoting, but that the time will come when she will give it out again. ALRIGHT, JOURNALISTS, WHO IS IT?

An upcoming documentary about sexual abuse and harassment in the music industry has Russell Simmons worried.

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Dearest OPRAH,you have been a shining light to my family and my community. Contributing so much to my life that I couldn’t list a fraction of it in this blog.Ihave given you the gift of meditation and the groundbreaking book”THE POWER OF NOW “we bonded to say the least. This is why it’s so troubling that you choose me to single out in your recent documentry. I have already admitted to being a playboy more (appropriately titled today “womanizer”) sleeping with and putting myself in more compromising situations than almost any man I know. Not 8 or 14 thousand like Warren Beatty or Wilt Chamberlain, but still an embarrassing number. So many that some could reinterpret or reimagine a different recollection of the same experiences. Please note that ur producers said that this upcoming doc was to focus ONLY on 3 hand chosen women. I have refused to get in the mud with any accusers, but let’s acknowledge what i have shared. I have taken and passed nine 3-hour lie detector tests (taken for my daughters), that these stories have been passed on by CNN, NBC, BUZZFEED, NY POST, NY MAG, AND OTHERS. Now that you have reviewed the facts and you SHOULD have learned what I know; that these stories are UNUSABLE and that “hurt people hurt people”. Today I received a call from an old girlfriend from the early 1980s which means that they are using my words/evidence against me and their COMMITMENT/ (all of the claims are 25 to 40 years old) It is impossible to prove what happened 40 years ago, but in my case proof exists of what didn’t happen, mostly signed letters from their own parents, siblings, roommates, band members, interns, and in the case of 2 of your 3 accusers,their own words in their books. Shocking how many people have misused this important powerful revolution for relevance and money. … In closing, I am guilty of exploiting, supporting, and making the soundtrack for a grossly unequal society, but i have never been violent or forced myself on anyone. Still I am here to help support a necessary shift in power and consciousness. Let us get to work on uplifting humanity and put this moment and old narrative behind us

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Uh, OK.

The outgoing governor of Kentucky is a real piece of work. Adios, asshole.


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The Witcher: Henry Cavill stars in this new epic drama about a monster hunter, a powerful sorceress and a princess with a secret. Series premiere. Netflix

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