Oh, look, here’s a bunch of ‘Game of Thrones’ stuff just as the final round of Emmy voting begins.

For some reason (media push ahead of the Emmys — whose final-round voting opened today), there were a bunch of Game of Thrones stories out there yesterday and all of these will spoil you for the final season if you haven’t watched yet, or have just emerged from a year-long coma and have not heard how the show ended (which was badly).

For instance, there is this wonderful piece about Queen Sansa’s costume and all the inspiration behind the amazing details like how the crown was a tribute to Robb (~SOB~) and there is a hidden direwolf on the cape. I usually don’t give a shit about costumes, but the costumes on this series, particularly the female characters’ costumes were spectacular and considered so carefully to the tiniest of details. And Queen Sansa’s was no exception. Give the costume director all of the Emmys.

And speaking of Sansa, Sophie Turner defends King Bran the Broken (BOOOOO) while pitching her own perfect ending — it involved Arya killing Cersei. Of course, that was most people’s perfect ending (mine is still Jaime killing her BUT WHATEVER). She also said she wished Sansa and Cersei had one more moment together. ME TOO. In fact, I wish we’d had an entire season watching Queen Cersei but because Benioff and Weiss wanted to fuck off and do other things, we were denied it.

Also wishing she had a scene with Cersei, Carice Van Houten, the woman who played Melisandre. INDEED.

Alfie Allen thought Theon was going to die in season two (and killed by young Bran, no less) thanks to a prank the scriptwriters pulled on him.

Finally, Gwendoline Christie explains why it was actually perfectly fine for Brienne to break down in tears when Jaime left her, and not a betrayal of her character’s strength and I happen to agree with her. FEMINIST ICON.

Meanwhile, Ted Danson talks about the ending of The Good Place in the complete opposite way the stars of Game of Thrones talked about its ending ahead of the finale: “We just finished the last season, so that’ll be coming out and it’s so wonderful. The ending is just everything you would hope for in this show and I will miss my buddies and my friends.”

Have you watched The Family on Netflix yet? Here’s how the filmmaker, Jesse Moss, managed to get his subjects to be so … open with him.

Oh, this Chrisley family mess is getting even messier, with one of his daughters now claiming he extorted her with a sex tape to keep her mouth shut about the tax evasion and the tape might be with a Bachelor star? Whaaaaaaaaaa?? MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE.

Those weird Jeremy Renner Jeep ads: an investigation.

Helen Mirren could be the next Queen Elizabeth. Yes, please.

Showtime and Billions are being sued by Cayuga Nation for defamation for portraying them as being politically corrupt.

Norah O’Donnell was caught being shady on a hot mic about someone at CBS while reporting the Placido Domingo story. Of course, what she said:  “Sounds like somebody else here…” could apply to SO MANY MEN at CBS.

Is Netflix killing smaller, more interesting shows to be able to afford big names like Benioff and Weiss, Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy? (Yes, obviously.)

Here’s an interview with Craig Mazin, the creator of Chernobyl, that won’t make you feel better about our current moment.

I’ve said many times: the Soviet system didn’t fall out of the sky and land in Russia. It was invented by human beings. The same thing happened in Nazi Germany. It is comforting to imagine there was something in the water in Berlin or something in the air in Moscow. There was not. It’s all us, all of it. 

There is no question that, when I was writing this, I wanted not to suggest that the villain was some kind of Soviet system that could never exist anywhere else, but rather that the villain was a kind of Soviet thinking that absolutely can and absolutely has existed everywhere else. It comes in all different colors. Sometimes it pretends it’s on the right, and sometimes it pretends it’s on the left. But what it is, in reality, is a system of human beings controlling each other, demonizing each other and ruining each other, out of a kind of inherent human madness.


Meanwhile: ABC News discovered 36 violent acts in which the perpetrators invoked Donald Trump. They were unable to find any attacks that were perpetrated in Barack Obama or George W. Bush’s names.

Sex Monster News

Danny Masterson, the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige are being sued by four women who claim they were stalked and harassed them, invaded their privacy and obstructed justice. GOOD. GET THEM, LADIES.

Iowa Congressman Steve King argued that the world’s population wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for rape and incest, so you know, it’s not all bad, right? HE’S A CHARMER, THIS GUY.

Don Lemon is being sued by a man who claims he assaulted him at a bar. The details are … weird.

A nameless singer is suing a nameless producer/mentor/agent for sexually assaulting her beginning when she was 14. There are hints that whoever this singer is, she’s a big deal: she signed a 7-album deal at 14 and claims she was assaulted on music video sets and the Staples Center among other places.

In today’s Jeffrey Epstein news: One of his accusers is suing his estate, that Ghislaine Maxwell woman and some of his former employees. And his autopsy revealed something hinky: multiple bones were broken in his neck. While that can happen when one hangs themselves, it’s more common in cases of strangulation. This is not going to make the conspiracy theories go away anytime soon.



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  • Styling Hollywood will debut on Netflix on August 30.


Why Women Kill: Marc Cherry is back with this new anthology series about a bunch of pissed off wives. Series premiere. CBS All Access

Elementary: Sherlock and Holmes hear of Jamie Moriarty in the series finale. 9 p.m., CBS

Boogie Nights: It’s a damn shame Marky Mark didn’t retire from acting right after making this movie. 8 p.m., Showtime

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  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Gerard Butler, David Alan Grier, the Avett Brothers
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  1. Craig Mazin is a wise man. Of course, Pogo said it more succinctly. “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

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