Netflix is about to get a lot more ‘Moxie’ with some help from Amy Poehler

Houston author Jennifer Mathieu Blessington’s fierce feminist young adult novel, Moxie, is being turned into a movie for Netflix and Amy Poehler is directing. The novel is about a teen girl who, inspired by her mother’s Riot Grrrl past, starts making her own zines and starts a feminist revolution at her high school and it is a God damned delight. I would usually put this news in the “In Development” section, but I’m way too excited for my friend Jennifer to bury this news. Riot on, you feminist badasses! 💪

Hey, remember when I posted that story about the cast list for the premiere episode of Game of Thrones and how weird some of the inclusions were? Well, Warming Glow just pointed out that there was an even more interesting exclusion: SPOILER! MAYBE! — Vladimir Furdik. So will the Night’s King not be in the first episode or is this just a bunch of noise that doesn’t actually mean anything? I GUESS WE HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL APRIL.

We have some new photos of the King’s Landing set and if it’s not already obvious, HUGE FUCKING SPOILERS, GUYS.

The young actress who plays Little Lady Badass on Game of Thrones was worried that people were going to hate her character and not think she was the BEST THING ON THE SHOW, bless her.

Game of Thrones is urging you to be a blood donor — which is a good thing! … by reminding you of all the people on Game of Thrones who died or was injured — which is a weird thing? What is this? What are you doing, Game of Thrones?

Wait, Cassie on The Bachelor was on a reality show before about her time at a Christian college? What?

TV Line takes a deeper look into how much I Am the Night is based on actual events. Basically, Fauna and George Hodel are real people, Chris Pine’s reporter, not so much.

The CW is adding more female characters to their Lost Boys series by gender swapping the Frog Brothers.

If you are a fan of Documentary Now! or Seth Meyers, I’ve got an interview for you.

Will The Walking Dead have more seasons after season 10? Probably. Should everyone assume that’s the case? Nope.

More movie theater chains are feeling threatened by Netflix and are mad at BAFTA for awarding prizes to Roma.

I don’t know what the headline, “CBS Turns to Artificial Intelligence to Glean Viewers’ Emotional Responses to TV Shows” means in practice but I do know enough to be scared. IT’S LIKE WE ALL JUST FORGOT ABOUT SKYNET, GUYS.

Former chief foreign reporter for CBS, Lara Logan, who once did a report on Benghazi which later had to be retracted because her “eyewitness” source just made shit up, went on a podcast and shat all over news sources that aren’t Fox News or Breitbart. Because I guess she’s angling for a job at Fox News or Breitbart? Media Matters has some thoughts about this interview.

Oh my god, Burberry, what the fuck were you thinking?

Jussie Smollett Update:

Last we left Smollett, he wasn’t speaking to the cops and they were threatening him with a grand jury.  Now the FBI is investigating whether or not he sent that threatening letter to himself while TMZ is claiming that Smollett rehearsed the attack with the Nigerian brothers involved with all of this.

Reportedly, Empire’s scripts are being rewritten to reduce his role on the show, although publicly Fox continues to support him, calling him a “consummate professional,” and denying that he is being written off the show.

Cardi B. is upset with Smollett:

While Trevor Noah notes that Smollett’s story just doesn’t make sense:

Variety notes the obvious: that he faces prison and career ruin if he faked the attack; while Vanity Fair explores why the right is so worked up about this particular case — basically because people like me immediately sympathized with Smollett and blamed the Trump administration’s racism and homophobia for inspiring hate crimes. I am absolutely guilty of what Trevor Noah talks about in the video above: the attack confirmed my own biases and I believed it. But the larger reason I believed was that I think it is important to give victims of violence the benefit of the doubt, not because I wanted to label all Trump supporters as racists. Like most people, there are people very close to me who are gay and who are people of color, and it was entirely too easy for me to picture those people I love being targeted in this way. And if this turns out to have been a hoax — which it looks more and more likely it was — I will be heartbroken on the part of those same people in my life who are more likely to be victims of real hate crimes, because Smollett will have made it a little less likely that they will be believed.


Vic Mignogna, a star voice actor in the anime world, is being investigated for sexual harassment and abuse.

Emma Thompson has dropped out of the film Luck after its studio, Skydance, hired John Lasseter. Principles in action.

More women who collaborated with Ryan Adams are speaking out, including Liz Phair, Jenny Lewis, Natalie Prass, and Karen Elson.

Harvey Weinstein’s trial date has been pushed back to June.

Following the death of the sailor in that famous V-J Day photo, someone has vandalized a statue that depicts the famous kiss with #METOO. And you know, when I mentioned his death yesterday, I have to say it gave me pause. The story behind the kiss is that George Mendosa, the young sailor and Greta Zimmer Friedman, the young nurse didn’t know each other and according to Friedman, “I did not see him approaching, and before I know it I was in this tight grip.” Different time, the excitement of the war being over, blah blah blah. The bigger problem is that we as a culture have romanticized this photo so much so that THERE ARE LITERAL STATUES CELEBRATING WHAT WAS A NON-CONSENSUAL MOMENT. I’m not saying that Mendosa was some sort of monster, I’m just saying that our culture’s position on whether or not it’s ok to grab random women on the street and shove your tongue down their throats has changed, and that’s not a bad thing.


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Mark Your Calendars

  • The Man in the High Castle‘s fourth and final season will return in the fall.
  • The Dirt will debut on Netflix on March 22.
  • Into the Dark‘s episode, “Treehouse” will debut on Hulu on March 1.
  • Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger will return on Freeform on April 4.
  • Most Beautiful Thing will debut on Netflix on March 22.


David Horowitz, Emmy-winning newsman who was once held hostage on live TV (this is a fascinating story worth reading at the link)

Sean Milliken, Man featured on My 600-lb Life

Don Newcombe, Dodgers legend and one of the first four African-American players to make it to the All-Star Game

Gerald Blum, Radioman who inspired WKRP in Cincinnati‘s Big Guy Carlson


The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Let the reunion begin! 8 p.m., Bravo

Survivor: Four returning players are added to the cast which everyone will be totally cool with, I’m sure. 7 p.m., CBS

Documentary Now!: My favorite documentary spoof series takes on Wild, Wild Country in the one-hour premiere. 10 p.m., IFC

Late Night:

  • Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Daveed Diggs, Mo Amer
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  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Reba McEntire, Margaret Brennan, Colin Quinn
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