Dechnical Tifficulties

Ugh. So, today was a hard day. Your trusty blogger’s computer was considerably less trusty, and while I was in the middle of writing my daily Watch This! post this morning, the hard drive decided that it had enough of this cruel world and crapped out on me. (This in the same week that the insurance company totaled one of our cars and our refrigerator died. 2019! It sucks so far!)

R.I.P. hard drive. 2015-2019. The Trump years have been hard on all of us.

Fortunately, I have a back-up computer (unless I kill this one, too, I have been known to be rough on computers) so please do check back in tomorrow for your regularly scheduled TV news and shrill political hysteria. In the meantime, Momma’s gonna see if there’s any wine left in that box and call it a day. Toodles.

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