YouTube is going to make its original programming free … eventually.

YouTube is going to move from a subscription model to an ad-based platform which means hooray! You can watch Cobra Kai and Origin for free! At some point! Maybe not until 2020! You might not be able to watch Cobra Kai for free until 2020! Meanwhile, YouTube is also no longer going to be developing original scripted programming, which is interesting.

Were you as surprised as I was by last night’s This is Us? We’re not the only ones because the showrunners had to go around giving interviews to everyone about what they just saw. I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but don’t click if you haven’t watched.

TV Guide still has some questions, though.

Here is a list of what we know about the Game of Thrones prequel pilot so far. There’s nothing in here we haven’t already learned, but it is convenient to see it all in one place.

New York City commuters were supposed to be able to get limited edition Game of Thrones Metro Cards yesterday, but, like The Winds of Winter, those cards aren’t coming anytime soon.

The Good Place ruined the Jacksonville Jaguars. It’s just science.

If they kill Dog, we riot.

What you can expect from Vikings‘ return tonight and the rest of the season. HINT: death.

Margaret Atwood is writing a sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale after all. How this will impact the Hulu series remains to be seen.

Maybe that red cake in The Haunting of Hill House is just a red cake.

Adam Conover explains how they pick things for him to ruin, if you’re interested.

A&E has yanked The Devil Next Door, a documentary about a North Carolina church (cult), from their schedule after a controversy regarding maybe paying some participants emerged.

Bobby Brown is suing Showtime and BBC over the Whitney Houston documentary, Can I Be Me?

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade had more viewers than the Grammys this year. Fascinating.

The White House had a press briefing yesterday, and they actually allowed Jim Acosta to ask THREE follow-up questions. What?!?

Fox News is going to “discipline” the employees who fed Scott Pruitt scripts before appearing on Fox & Friends. OK.

Geraldo Rivera is not happy with Fox News’ coverage of the migrants at the border being tear-gassed. This is only surprising if you didn’t know that Rivera has long been critical of Trump’s racist policies towards Latin American immigrants. But also, fuck you, Jesse Waters. For the thousandth and ninth time, fuck you.

Meanwhile, Sinclair Broadcasting forced local stations to run a piece by that ogre Boris Epshteyn defending tear-gassing children in diapers, and calling the caravan an “invasion.” You know, the same kind of language that led to 12 people being shot to death in Pittsburgh. Because of course they did.

Sex Monster News

In response to Bernardo Bertolucci’s death, film critic and general creep David Edelstein made a disgusting joke about the Last Tango in Paris scene that the actress says was an act of sexual assault. As a result, NPR has fired his ass. GOOD.

Christine Blasey Ford donated money that was raised for her security to organizations that help trauma survivors.

Aziz Ansari has announced more stand-up dates instead of just showing up and forcing himself on an audience.

Catherine Zeta-Jones spoke about the allegations against Michael Douglas for the first time. Surprise, she defends him.

MIT’s Media Lab awarded their Disobedience Prize this year to the leaders of #MeToo and #MeTooSTEM.

Copyright law is complicated and messy and maybe sexist and racist according to this author. This is an interesting argument with some flaws, but worth considering if copyright issues interest you at all. Which they probably don’t but OH WELL MY BLOG I DO WHAT I WANT.


In Development

Casting News

  • Julie Chen Moonves will be back to host Big Brother — at least Big Brother Celebrity Edition.
  • Griffin Dunne is set to recur on This Is Us in that surprising role that was revealed last night. Don’t click if you haven’t watched last night’s episode.
  • Sean Bean is joining World on Fire on BBC.
  • Alli Webb will guest on Shark Tank.
  • Aubrey Plaza is going to host the Spirit Awards.

Mark Your Calendars

CBS released their midseason dates:

  • Big Brother: Celebrity Edition will debut on January 21.
  • The World’s Best will premiere after the Super Bowl on February 3.
  • Survivor returns on February 20.
  • Million Dollar Mile will premiere on March 27.
  • The Amazing Race returns on May 22.
  • The Grand Tour returns on Amazon on January 18.
  • Springsteen on Broadway will debut on Netflix on December 16.
  • Fuller House will debut on Netflix on December 14.
  • The Ranch returns on Netflix on December 7.


Samuel Hadida, Film producer


The Real Housewives of Dallas: Reunion, part the first. 9 p.m., Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Dina pops by. 8 p.m., Bravo

Conan Without Borders: Japan: Conan is back for a trip to harass the Japanese. 9 p.m., TBS

Vikings: Ivar is crowned the new king of Kattegat in the midseason premiere. 8 p.m., History

The 86th Annual Christmas in Rockefeller Center: The lights on a giant tree are turned on. People stand in the cold to watch this happen for some reason. 7 p.m., NBC

A Legendary Christmas with John and Chrissy: The fact that John Legend is married to Chrissy Teigen makes me like him more, true fact. 9 p.m., NBC

Late Night: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Ice-T, Mariska Hargitay, Macaulay Culkin, J.I.D featuring BJ The Chicago Kid & Thundercat The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Eric McCormack, David Alan Grier, Sara Bareilles The Late Late Show with James Corden: Michael Pena, Andy Serkis, Lauv + Julia Michaels The Daily Show: Al Gore Watch What Happens Live: Melissa Gorga, Leeanne Locken

WEDS. 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30
ABC The Goldbergs
American Housewife
Modern Family
Single Parents
A Million Little Things
CBS Survivor
Magnum P.I.
CW Riverdale
All American
FOX Empire
NBC Christmas in Rockefeller Center
A Legendary Christmas with John and Chrissy

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