Late Night insists we protect Ruth Bader Ginsberg AT ALL COSTS

James Corden suggests that Ruth Bader Ginsberg can do her job without those ribs — after all Ted Cruz does his without a spine:

Seth Meyers reports that Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s staff is planning to redo her entire office in Nerf. YES PLEASE. ALSO BUBBLE WRAP.

Jimmy Kimmel offers his own suggestion for protecting RBG:

Stephen offers Ruth Bader Ginsberg his own ribs:

Seth Meyers takes a look at Trump’s FREAK OUT after losing the House. His favorite part — like mine — was Trump’s crazyass answer about his tax returns:

Stephen Colbert points out that Sarah Sanders posted a doctored video created by the hot dog you forget to pierce before microwaving, Alex Jones. “‘CNN is fake news, and to prove it, here’s a video from a reputable news source that believes the government is putting plastic liners into juice boxes to turn our sons into gay frogs.’”

Jimmy Kimmel notes that this might be the first time he’s seen Sarah Sanders take a woman’s side on anything, and calls for her to be fired for disseminating a fake video:

Trevor Noah introduces us to Trump’s acting attorney general and jacked Humpty Dumpty, Matt Whitaker:

Jimmy Fallon says that Chris Christie is so excited at the possibility of becoming attorney general, he just ripped his Jersey Mike’s apron right off:

Stephen Colbert has more White House video of the Acosta Accosting:

Finally, James Corden holds a moment of silence for the victims of the Thousand Oaks shooting.

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