Amber Ruffin and this adorable kitten really want you to vote. And the rest of the best of late night.

Please vote, or Amber Ruffin is going to do something terrible to this adorable kitten:

Samantha Bee reminds us how Republicans benefit from stoking anti-Semitism by using code words like “coastal elites” “globalists” or “Jon Leibowitz.” Also, Full Frontal will be on twice next week: Monday to remind you to vote and Wednesday to yell at you for not voting. HEY. GO VOTE.

After Trump tweeted to the caravan to “TURN AROUND,” Stephen Colbert wonders if Trump thinks the migrants in the caravan are reading his tweets. “HOLD UP EVERYBODY, HOLD UP. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES SAYS WE GOTTA TURN IT AROUND. WELL, IT WAS WORTH A SHOT, BACK TO THE DEATH SQUADS … I DON’T KNOW HOW TO TELL YOU IN SPANISH, I’M MIDDLE EASTERN.”

Seth Meyers notes that people kept trying to give Mike Pence candy last night. ‘I’m not a ghost! I’m not a ghost.’

Jimmy Fallon has the outtakes from the taped messages Trump made to the individual states ahead of the midterms:

The Tiny Voice in Donald Trump’s Head is back and doesn’t know what to do with this umbrella:

And because it was Halloween, James Corden shares a bunch of spooooooky news stories in his monologue:

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