Late Night treats “Beautiful Ted” as the hilarious joke that it is.

Jimmy Kimmel has Donald Trump’s new ad for Ted Cruz:

“Imagine how hilarious it will be if Ted Cruz is forced to kiss his bully’s ass in front of the whole world, and then loses anyway. Come on, I mean, if nothing else, do it for comedy’s sake.” — Jimmy Kimmel. EXACTLY. GO VOTE, MY FRIENDS.

On the nickname, “Beautiful Ted,” Seth Meyers notes that Ted Cruz once took a picture with a butter cow and the only thing that looked like it was melting was Cruz’s face. He also takes a closer look at Trump’s antics as the midterms grow near:

Stephen Colbert thinks Ted is so beautiful that instead of assassinating JFK, Cruz’s father must have had sex with him:

Seth Meyers thinks if Cruz is “Beautiful Ted,” then Trump is “Lyin’ Donald.”

Jimmy Fallon has the hilarious footage of Ted Cruz’s terrible Facebook Live event:

James Corden points out that Trump’s attack on people voting for Democrats might actually backfire on him:

Stephen Colbert also pointed out that Trump’s rhetoric on the caravan isn’t a dog whistle, it’s a dog trombone:

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