Late Night is appalled — but not surprised — by Trump attacking a sexual assault survivor

Stephen Colbert tears apart Trump’s lies in his disgusting attack on Dr. Ford at a Mississippi rally, and performs a scene from Trump’s one-man show “Downfall of a Fictional American Man:”

Seth Meyers marvels at the President of the United States mocking a sexual assault survivor, but notes that there is no rock bottom for Trump, “rock bottom is where he jumped from.” Indeed.

Upon watching Trump’s performance at the Mississippi rally, Jimmy Kimmel is starting to think a “bipolar sociopath with no moral compass” wasn’t the best choice for President:

Jimmy Fallon reveals the real reason Trump texted the entire country at once yesterday:

Trevor Noah takes a look at Trump’s successful businessman origin story was all a huge lie and wonders what’s next, we’re going to learn that’s not Trump’s real hair or that his skin color isn’t “sunset”?

James Corden notes that the only way the story about Trump’s fraudulent tax schemes being investigated by officials could have been better is if it had come out in the summer of 2016:

Jimmy Kimmel reveals to Trump’s dead father, Fred, that his son is a financial idiot:

Stephen Colbert also interviewed one of Kavanaugh’s old drinking buddies, Squeesh, in the role Nick Kroll was born to play:

Seth Meyers reports that Dummy Jr. campaigned for Ted Cruz this week:


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