John Oliver shreds Kavanaugh, Kimmel offers hope to accused men, and the rest of the best of Late Night

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver does a deep dive into the whole Brett Kavanaugh story, and chooses the PERFECT avatar for who will represent him on The Last Week Tonight Supreme Court of dogs should he be confirmed.

In “A Closer Look,” Seth Meyers wonders how much of a sexist dick Trump can be, and notes about the sham of an FBI investigation that, “There’s not a single Sherlock Holmes novel called ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Actually, That’s Not Important, Don’t Look at That.’”

Jimmy Kimmel has the solution for men who are just trying to live their best life without pesky past allegations getting in the way: Denietol:

Stephen Colbert knows the real definition of “boofing.”

Trevor Noah finds himself in total agreement with Donald Trump:

James Corden notes that Trump’s instructions to the FBI on the Kavanaugh investigation — “limited in scope and complete in one week” — are also his wedding vows:

Seth Meyers notes that while one of Kavanaugh’s classmates might have seen him staggering drunk, he’s seen something more remarkable: Kavanaugh screaming and crying in a job interview while totally sober:

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