How Late Night covered the traumatic and emotional Ford/Kavanaugh hearing

Seth Meyers takes a Closer Look at at the Ford/Kavanaugh testimony, describing Ford’s testimony as “a towering act of courage given the trauma she survived,” while the man who will probably be the next motherfucking Supreme Court justice because this universe is chaos was “angry, defiant and stole a page out of Trump’s playbook by claiming with zero evidence that the allegations were part of a left-wing conspiracy to destroy him.” He is 100% correct.

Stephen Colbert points out that at the start of the hearing, Chuck Grassley offered Dr. Ford anything she needed, so how about an FBI investigation?

Jimmy Kimmel described Kavanaugh as a “frat out of hell,” details how many times he talked about his love for beer, and ABSOLUTELY SAVAGES Dummy Jr.:

Trevor Noah thinks Brett Kavanaugh needs a Snickers:

Jimmy Fallon knows what America is thinking: “Here’s an idea: Just pick a different judge. There are thousands of judges! Anyone! What’s Judge Judy up to? Let’s get Judge Judy in there! Judge Joe Brown! Simon Cowell!”

Finally, James Corden tried to find a bright spot in this hellhole: “If there’s any silver lining having to go through what she did today, it’s that these experiences that were once shrouded in fear and shame and secrecy for some many people are becoming a movement. I guess that’s what I’m trying to say right now. If this is something that you’ve been through or are going through, just remember, you’re not alone. There are so many people that are standing alongside you right now all over the world.”

One thought on “How Late Night covered the traumatic and emotional Ford/Kavanaugh hearing

  1. Great stuff. I’ve tried to limit my intake of political media saturation available….unlike my husband. Every single day there’s another..”can you believe?” moment. I spent a week with my sister(whom I love) and her Trump supporting idiot husband. That could be a legit cause for divorce! He wouldn’t watch anything I wanted to show him…I think that’s why there are still so many supporters. They haven’t a clue!
    Anyway, I came to check if you were recapping Dallas housewives. It’s gotten so much better then the poop filled first season.
    Love all the stuff you do!

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