Late Night continues to come up with their theories on who Anonymous is …

Jimmy Fallon is pretty sure Mike Pence is Anonymous:

Jimmy Kimmel thinks it’s Jared — and makes some excellent points:

James Corden, meanwhile, has his own theory that might involve a fake mustache:

Seth Meyers explains why Trump doesn’t think his children were behind that New York Times editorial:

Seth Meyers points out that all of the shocking revelations about Trump in Woodward’s book and The New York Times opinion piece shouldn’t be shocking because THIS IS WHO TRUMP IS. HE MISSPELLED HIS OWN WIFE’S NAME IN A TWEET FOR CHRIST’S SAKE. STOP BEING SURPRISED.

Stephen Colbert points out that Anonymous’ attempts to steer Trump from his worst inclinations are for naught because all of Trump’s inclinations are “tied for the worst.”

Trevor Noah has the most amazing showdown in the Brett Kavanaugh hearing: Kamala Harris vs. Stammering White Guy. Momma brought the fire:

Stephen Colbert also talks about Cory Booker’s amazing “BRING IT” moment against my idiot senator John Cornyn. BRING IT, ASSHOLE:

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