Late night returns to Crazytown

With the exception of Conan, the late night shows have all returned from a two-week hiatus only to have discovered they missed a ton of important news stories while they were gone, including Paul Manafort being found guilty, Michael Cohen pleading guilty — and naming Donald Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator in federal crimes, John McCain dying, and two of Trump’s earliest Congressional supporters being charged with financial chicanery.

But in our completely batshit news cycle, there is literally NO TIME to focus on what happened 14 days ago, because crazyass news is happening RIGHT NOW, including the President demanding the Justice Department not prosecute Republicans because it will hurt them in elections; a new Supreme Court nominee being rammed through confirmation; and a new Bob Woodward book that claims Trump’s aides all think he is a lying idiot and that they are trapped in, as John Kelly deemed it, “Crazytown.”

fucking mayor of crazytown ethan hawke.gif


Seth Meyers describes allowing Trump to nominate a Supreme Court justice “absurd,” and compares it to Bonnie suggesting Clyde would make a great judge. Also, Chuck Grassley is a ridiculous human being:

Trump has┬áliterally turned Stephen Colbert’s beard white. Forget about it, Stephen, we’re in Crazytown:

Jimmy Kimmel catalogs the nutso banana stuff that happened while everyone was on vacation:

Jimmy Fallon notes that Stormy Daniels has something to say about Major Garrett writing in his new book that reporters can’t give Trump “an inch:”

James Corden has more details from Bob Woodward’s book:

Trevor Noah points out that in this era everything is political:

Amber Ruffin is more than happy to comment on the Nike/Colin Kaepernick protests that white people have launched:

And finally, Seth Meyers makes the perfect Ted Cruz joke. I challenge everyone to try to top this:

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