The Free Press takes the war to President Propaganda

The Boston Globe announced on Sunday that they were enlisting the editorial boards of newspapers across the country to defend themselves against the damaging and dangerous charge from the leader of the “free world” that they are “the enemy of the people,” with editorials to be published today.

As of today, around 350 newspapers took up the challenge, including The New York Times, The Houston Chronicle, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Denver Post, The Miami Herald, The New York Post, along with hundreds of small papers all over the country. However, some papers, including The Times-Picayune, The San Francisco Chronicle, and the Wall Street Journal opted to not participate, arguing for independence or playing into the hands of Trump supporters who already believe the media is out to get him.

The New York Times collected the editorials that did participate in this easy to search page, if you would like to sample some of the arguments. And cartoonists across the country joined in the fight, too.

In 2018, some of the most damaging attacks are coming from government officials. Criticizing the news media — for underplaying or overplaying stories, for getting something wrong — is entirely right. News reporters and editors are human, and make mistakes. Correcting them is core to our job. But insisting that truths you don’t like are “fake news” is dangerous to the lifeblood of democracy. And calling journalists the “enemy of the people” is dangerous, period.

It’s sad and frightening that it has come to this, that the free press has to defend its right to exist against ongoing attacks from the President of the United States, but 20 months into this administration, it’s no longer surprising.

Nor is it surprising that the President Thin Skin responded exactly how you thought he would:

Hey, you know what is fake news, though? That would be the outlet that declared the United States defeated “communist Japan,” that’s who. By the way, that particular dummy had to apologize for calling a gubernatorial candidate, “that transgender.” She seems nice.

🔥🔥🔥Omarosa just dropped another tape, this one of Laura Trump offering to buy off her silence after she was fired. 🔥🔥🔥

By the way, in a transparent attempt to bump Omarosa out of the news, the White House announced yesterday that they were stripping the former head of the C.I.A., and vocal critic of President Furhrer, of his security clearances for “lying and recent conduct characterized by increasingly frenzied commentary” and “wild outbursts on the internet and television,” WHICH IS REALLY FUCKING RICH, RIGHT?

But then President ADD went to the Wall Street Journal and openly admitted that it was really in retaliation for Brennan’s role in the Russia investigation: “I call it the rigged witch hunt, [it] is a sham. And these people led it!” Trump told the paper. “So I think it’s something that had to be done.”

The White House also announced a list of other enemies people who are being considered to have their clearances stripped, including one current employee of the Justice Department whose wife works for Fusion GPS, the firm connected to the Steele Dossier. Mr. Mueller, I do hope you are paying attention.

Speaking of Omarosa, the Steele Dossier and tapes, Tom Arnold insists there is a pee-pee tape, and W. Kamau Bell says what a lot of us believe, that he doesn’t need an N-word tape to prove Troots is a racist.

I mean, does anyone remember when he wanted to do a blacks against whites season of The Apprentice? WHAT MORE DO WE NEED TO KNOW?

Trump brought up the TV idea during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show in April 2005. “There was a concept thrown out by some person: nine blacks against nine whites,” Trump matter-of-factly told Stern in the radio interview, according to audio played on-air by CNN. “And it would be nine blacks against nine whites, all highly educated, very smart, strong, beautiful people, right?”

“Do you like it?” he asked Stern, appearing to approve of the idea. Stern gave his blessing as well, while his longtime sidekick, Robin Quivers, who is black, said Trump was “going to have a riot” on his hands if he followed through with the idea.

“It would be the highest rated show on television,” Trump replied.

After Stern asked if the show would feature “very dark blacks or light-skinned blacks,” Trump joked that there would be “an assortment” of people with lighter and darker black skin tones, but that the white contestants would be made up of nine blondes.

While Stern encouraged the casting, he asked, “Wouldn’t that set off a racial war in this country?”

“I don’t think… see, actually, I don’t think it would,” Trump said. “I think that it would be handled very beautifully by me.”

Meanwhile, Queer Eye‘s Johnathan dared to say that not all Republicans are racist and people lost their damn minds. Y’all. Come on.

LOL, Ivanka is SO MAD about the “Complicit” SNL spoof. Good.

In other TV News

That one actress says she can’t talk about why she wanted to leave The Affair. Don’t click unless you’re caught up.

In News I Thought We Already Knew: The Wayward Sisters, while not receiving their own show, will appear in multiple episodes this season of Supernatural.

In More News I Thought We Already Knew: There will be a three-way Chicago crossover next season.

The Westworld folks have known what the next season would look like from the beginning. As for what the nickname of season three will be — they’re not talking.

Ian Ziering is threatening us with a Beverly Hills 90210 reunion.

Dr. Boone:

Are you watching The Sinner? Personally, I’m loving it, but I dig these sorts of dark, brooding, almost-horror series. Also, Carrie Motherfucking Coon. But I would recommend pairing it with Making It! to balance out the darkness. ANYWAY, don’t click this unless you’re caught up with last night’s episode.

It sounds like Morgan will never stop suffering on either Fear the Walking Dead or The Walking Dead.

Nathalie Emmanuel, Missandei on Game of Thrones, says that people will find the final season to be “incredibly satisfying” and people will have their “minds blown” by the finale. And Nikolaj Coster-Waldau promises that “all the pieces fit into this massive jigsaw puzzle.” GIMME. GIMME IT.

George R.R. Martin spoke at World Con and had some interesting things to say about the books and the shows, including the spinoffs:



T.J. Miller is pretty sure he didn’t actually bully Alice Wetterlund. In an interview, he said, “Internet, in general, has turned the world into high school where gossip is immediately true,” and “it was not my experience that anyone was bullying her” before adding, “I don’t think anybody was bullying her…obviously there was a disconnect, because now she’s saying these things about me and then attacking the mostly all-male cast of Silicon Valley.”

So, to recap, Miller compared Wetterland to a child before dismissing her experience in favor of the mostly male cast’s experience — as experienced by him. Because the male experience is the only objective one. Got it.

Taylor Swift became emotional at a concert in Florida recounting the anniversary of her sexual assault court case.

Suzanne Sommers needs to stop.



  • Shooter has been canceled by USA after three seasons.

In Development

  • Jim Parsons is remaking the British comedy Miranda for U.S. TV.
  • The Vampyr video game is going to be turned into a series by McG.
  • Racing Wives has been greenlit by CMT.

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars

  • The Emmys will air on September 17 on NBC.
  • The Angel will debut on Netflix on September 14.
  • Follow This will debut on Netflix on August 23.
  • Wild District will premiere on Netflix on October 19.
  • Marvel’s Iron Fist returns on Netflix on September 7.
  • Roma will debut on Netflix sometime soon.


Aretha Franklin, The Queen of Soul. Respect.

Lyric McHenry, Reality star of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and EJNYC.


Match Game: Kenan Thompson, Thomas Lennon, Sherri Shepherd, Horatio Sanz and Gillian Jacobs sit on the panel. 8 p.m., ABC

Detroiters: Sam might be a father in the season finale. 9:30 p.m., Comedy Central

Late Night with Seth Meyers: Matt Groening visits late night for the first time in more than a decade. 11:30 p.m., NBC

Late Night: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Nick Kroll, Aerosmith Late Night with Seth Meyers: Jessica Biel, Awkwafina, Matt Groening The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Tommy Vietor, Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Constance Wu, Jay Rock The Late Late Show with James Corden: Allison Janney, Judd Apatow, Death Cab for Cutie Jimmy Kimmel Live: Don Cheadle, Zoe Kravitz, Blood Orange featuring A$AP Rocky The Daily Show: D.L. Hughley

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