Late Night can’t get enough Omarosa

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look about how Omarosa fits into this Russia investigation and delights in the idea that it could be OMAROSA who takes down this presidency. “It took her 14 years, but she’s finally getting revenge for Trump firing her in season one. Now let’s be honest, the only fitting way for this presidency to end would be Trump to get indicted and leave the White House crying in the back of a cab.”

Stephen Colbert says that Trump claiming Brennan made “unfounded and outrageous allegations, wild outbursts on the internet” would be the pot calling the kettle black, but worries that maybe the pot might call it something “much worse.”

Jimmy Kimmel goes over some of the biggest bombshells in Omarosa’s book:

Jimmy Fallon and one of The Roots argue about the proper pronunciation of “Omarosa”:

Roy Wood Jr. doesn’t need a secret tape to know Trump is a racist:

James Corden explains that the White House would like to take back one job for a particular African-American:

Samantha Bee gives us a “Fascists to Watch 2018” list:

Seth Meyers hopes there’s one recording Omarosa didn’t make in the White House:

Finally, Seth gives us another “Kind of Story We Need Right Now,” about the hero waitress in Savannah who took down the asshole who grabbed her butt:

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