Late night would like to know where, exactly, Trump is grocery shopping

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at how out of touch Trump is with the common American, what between the new tax cuts for the rich, and the business where Trump thinks that you need ID to buy groceries? Also, YOU GET ‘EM, STEPHANIE RUHLE. 

Stephen Colbert plays Trump’s new game show: Prison or Pardon!

And Colbert, as the rest of us, would love to see Trump buying groceries.

Jimmy Kimmel has the ad for Trump’s new boardgame: Scrabull.

Jimmy Fallon marvels at Trump’s President impersonation:

Seth Meyers marvels that even in the midst of  a Twitter meltdown about an investigation, Trump still finds time to hit on a woman: 

Jimmy Kimmel shows us Trump’s tell for when he’s lying: “It’s true”:

Stephen Colbert makes Paul Ryan an offer he can’t refuse:

Once more, the tiny voice in the back of Donald Trump’s head:

Samantha Bee tackles male sexual abuse. It’s the first part of that PSA I posted over in my earlier post today:


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