President Liar’s supporters are becoming downright scary

Last night, President Gots Nothing Better to Do attended a rally in Florida, and the crowd was gracious and friendly to the press, particularly CNN’s Jim Acosta.

LOL, JK, they acted like rabid animals, yelling that CNN sucks and that Jim Acosta, a reporter doing his job, is a “traitor”:

This is hardly surprising, President Dicktator has been training his base to distrust and  behave this way towards the press — particularly CNN — since he announced his candidacy in 2015. But it is still appalling that in a universe where journalists are literally murdered at their desks, the strongest condemnation of this behavior the White House could come up with was Sarah Huckabee Sanders saying this afternoon in a press briefing that while the White House does not condemn condone violence, the press bears responsibility because something that happened back when Osama bin Laden was alive (?) and that while they respect the freedom of the press, they also respect freedom of speech.

Meanwhile, The Inciter-in-Chief retweeted his son The Other One’s dumb tweet:

The shooting in Maryland changed nothing. In fact, if anything, President Wannabe Autocrat’s supporters are appearing to become more threatening towards the media, somehow more unhinged. Another journalist or journalists are going to get hurt again, it’s just a matter of time.

Andrea Mitchell, who has been in the news business at NBC for 40 years now, says that she’s never seen as much hostility towards the press as is expressed by this president:

“I’ve covered seven American presidents in all these years and none of them have liked the press,” she said. “It’s always been adversarial. There’s been tensions, but they welcomed it and tolerated it, even during the worst of times even when we went through impeachment.”

“Lord knows Bill Clinton did not love the press,” she added.

As for Sean Hannity, he encouraged Acosta to find his “zen” and cover President Fake News “more fairly.” You know, like he does with his nose jammed directly up his orange asshole. LOL, TRIGGERING THE LIBS BY DESTROYING DEMOCRACY!


In other TV news

CNN is going to air a final season of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown using footage that was filmed before his death. According to the Los Angeles Times, it sounds like there will be seven episodes: one in Kenya with W. Kamau Bell; one in the Lower East Side of Manhattan; one in Big Bend, Texas; the Asturias region of Spain; one in Indonesia. The penultimate episode will be devoted to cast and crew talking about making the series with behind-the-scenes footage; and the final episode will be about how Bourdain changed the world, and GOD DAMMIT, I AM GETTING ALL CHOKED UP AGAIN.

All four soap operas (wow, that’s depressing to write) have threatened to boycott the Daytime Emmys because of the shenanigans that happened this year.

This is interesting: The “It’s time to go see her” flashforward on This is Us is as far into the future the series intends to go.

We have a few set photos from American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

My very favorite childhood TV show, Fantasy Island, is being turned into a movie by Blumhouse and I am not sure. I am just not sure about this at all. TREAT IT WITH RESPECT, GUYS.

Michael Palin is giving up some never-before-seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail scenes, so you nerds are going to have a whole new set of lines to memorize.

Here’s a piece about the upcoming season of True Detective, set in the Ozarks and starring Mahershala Ali, and I am not holding my breath, you guys.

Netflix isn’t going to stream a Louis Farrakhan documentary after all.

Sex Monster News

Chris Hardwick has his job back at The Wall and he will guest judge America’s Got Talent now that AMC has closed their investigation.

Benjamin Adams, the former director of business and legal affairs at The Weinstein Company, has had his legal license suspended by the State of California for being a pedophile. And former Weinstein Company COO David Glasser has been accused of making unauthorized payments to himself. Just the best people at The Weinstein Company. THE BEST.

This is fascinating: the original showrunner of Charmed, Brad Kern, has been accused of sexual harassment during his time at NCIS and CBS. The original Charmed cast are now saying that after the show wrapped, he took the most important prop, “The Book of Secrets,” with the promise that he would share it with Holly Marie Combs and they would send it back and forth to each other. He kept it. In December, Holly Marie Combs called him out on it, and demanded that he auction it and send the proceeds to a women’s charity. He has not done this. And now that his name came back up in the Ronan Farrow piece, this story is being brought back out.

Charmed, a show about three sisters working together to make magic, can retroactively be viewed as a crucible of Hollywood feminism, starring activists like McGowan and Milano, with Nell Scovell on the writing staff and serving as co-executive producer. “When I saw Holly’s tweet saying the Book of Shadows was in Brad’s possession, it seemed like a joke,” said Scovell. “I mean it was a book that empowered sisters — literally — and a man felt entitled to take it.”

As for your Les Moonves update: Moonves and his team are accused by Redstone’s team of destroying evidence in their legal battle; Moonves will not face charges from the L.A. DA’s office on accusations stemming from the 1980sMoonves and Julie Chen have asked USC to temporarily remove their names from the USC Annenberg’s Julie Chen/Leslie Moonves and CBS Media Center until the investigation is complete.

Meanwhile, CBS ad sales vet, Dean Kaplan is retiring. No reason, I’m sure.


In Development

Casting News

Mark Your Calendars


Howard Felsher, Game show producer and doctor who was caught in a game show scandal and helped sustain Family Feud

Jessica Vogel, Former Hell’s Kitchen contestant

Freda Black, Prosecutor in The Staircase


The Real Housewives of New York City: The boat ride back from the island goes poorly and I can. not. wait. 8 p.m., Bravo

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The Originals: Klaus’ plan to save Hope’s life changes his family forever in the series finale. 8 p.m., The CW

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